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Friday, June 30, 2006

Back In The Game

I feel as if the blood has finally returned to my fingers! Ahhh cyberspace! How I missed you!

In my absence, I have had quite the adventure traveling across the country and back, visiting family and friends, being overwhelmed by the generousity of gifts at a baby shower and spending time back in Denver with Mom and Aunt Judy. Because so much has happened, it is almost impossible for me to give a complete update. So, in quick review, here is the past few weeks:

Visit to Dayton:
Had tons of fun hanging out with my brothers, dad, step-mom, aunt, cousin and yia yia. I realized how quickly time can pass without the bat of an eye as I went to visit Yia Yia (grandma) and found her Alzheimer's had kicked into high gear. She no longer remembered who I was, just knew that she was supposed to know me. We had lovely conversations despite her memory loss and it just felt good to be in her presence. Rose, Aunt Marya and my cousins threw me a Michaels's family baby shower which wouldnt' have been complete with out my 4-year-old brother's help in opening the gifts! :) It was a great weekend!!

Visit to Michigan:
Family, friends, food - awesome! This trip allowed the luxery of traveling to visit friends and family in their own element and cities. Trips to Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Gun Lake ended up providing priceless moments of laughter and cherished updates. I am truly blessed to have some many wonderful friends and family! The visit ended with the best-planned baby shower I have ever seen! Long time friends and family gathered together at my parent's home and basically set our soon-to-be bundle of joy up for the it's entire first year of life! I was overwhelmed by the generosity of gifts and love.

Visit in Denver:
With my tetris skills working at their premium degree, Mom, Aunt Judy and I packed up a rented Ford Explorer and headed back out west. The drive was filled with the typical corn-filled scenery that Iowa and Nebraska have to offer and an interesting experience at a Holiday Inn in Grand Island, NE with moldy candy. In the end however, we made it to Denver just fine. Once here, I was surpised with my handyman of a husband's work on our house. He had painted the stairwell and kitchen as well as installed a beautiful ceiling fan in our living room that reminds me of being in the Caribbean. During the week, we women spent time in Boulder shopping, unpacking all the gifts, hanging out downtown and even had a barbeque with friends. It was a great week!

This week has brought the reality that school is finally out. I still wake up early, but getting dressed often takes place hours later rather than the usual minutes. It has been nice kind of moving at my own pace and hanging out at home. Jack and Layla can't quite figure the whole thing out. Jack seriously looks peeved that I have invaded on his napping schedule. Boy is he going to be surprised when the baby arrives and I am home for another three months!

This week, we also celebrated our 2nd anniversary! Because of the whirl-wind of events lately, we took it easy on Monday and I made dinner, which, as most of you know, is an ocassion in itself! Regardless, we had a great time just hanging out an enjoying each other's company. We decided on a get-away weekend in the next few months to celebrate before the baby arrives.

Speaking of babies, the pregnancy is continuing to go well. We had the BIG ultrasound last week Friday where we got to see the little hands, feet and the face of our little one to be. It was so amazing and a huge reality check that it isn't just bad food making my stomach expand but a real person! At just over 21 weeks, a new body pillow, called a Snoogle, has become a must as my rapidly expanding midsection has kept me from sleeping well at night. Chris's t-shirts for night wear are also a must as my own no longer stretch over this belly of mine. As soon as I can find a quality scanner, I will post the pics from the ultrasound. Until then, check out some of the pics from the baby shower and back in Denver.

Love to all!

Present everywhere!

My secret is definitely out now! And in my college colors.....Thanks, Christie!

Kristen, one of the hot aunt's-to-be (my sis).

Hottie and Aunt-to-be Lindsey (Chris's sis).

It's hard to believe we have grown up together! Peggy, Christie, me and Andrea

Let's just get to the more brand names for diaper rash cream. Let's just go for what it is....Butt Paste! Gotta love it!

It so was special to have so many generations at the shower! Chris's Mom and Grandma were in attendance. I guess that makes them now Grandma and Great-Grandma!

A double rainbow outside our house.

Mom and Chris deep in thought over chicken parmesan. It turned out to be delicious!

Hanging out with Lee-Ann and Stacey at our barbeque on Friday night while Mom and Aunt Judy were in town.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dog days of summer...

I got to dog-sit Matt and Stacey's chocolate lab Jake for a long weekend while they went back to Ohio and Meg went back to Grand Rapids for 12 days. Our families are throwing us a baby shower while Meg is back visiting. Jake, Layla, and I spent all day today at the parks and dog runs. Another beautiful day and a little cooler, (only 89 in lieu of upper 90's).

Friday, June 09, 2006

recruting 'em young

Thank you to the women at MYC for the gift! How cute, that is all ther is to say....

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Paying it forward...

So a crazy thing happened this week. An unexpected package arrived at our house this week. As it turns out, a sweet couple from California have become fans of our blog. They have read about our expecting bundle of joy and decided to send us an item off of our baby registry! This is an at of kindness that makes the world a better place. I hope this posting will inspire us all to perform an unexpected act of kindness. Whether it is letting an extra driver merge in your lane, holding a door open for a stranger, or doing something extra for a loved one, it all makes a difference. So thank you Rob and Steph from California for you gift and inspirational act of kindness.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Our House!

It has taken us quite a while, but it seems that we are finally settled! We already have a list of projects to get started on to really make this place ours (i.e. paint, pergo flooring on stairway, nursery, etc.) but we are quite happy at this point to just have all those nasty boxes out of the way! Enjoy!

Welcome! This is the entry. The windows are about 12 feet high and give us a beautiful view of the city and mountains.

Our living space is wide open with high, vaulted ceilings.

Visiting with our friends, Kamran and Nicole.

Our bedroom is just through that hallway. Because of the angle of our room, I couldn't get a picture to turn out. Our room is connected to the second bedroom by a bathroom. (I thought you could use your imagination on that one.)

This is our "room in transition" - guest room and soon to be nursery. It is going to be painted like a sky.

View from our porch.

To see the outside of our place, see our posts from March.