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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Sofia!

It's hard to believe our little one isn't so little anymore. We had a really fun day celebrating Sofia's 4th Birthday! Breakfast, cake baking, and great friends over for pizza and cake. Mix in perfect weather and we had a recipe for a day filled with memories. Nice cake Dad!

Proud of her work!

Our only family shot of the day. Hey! I told you it was a day of memories!

Patiently waiting for cake!

First pair of roller skates. Princesses of course!

Excited about the cd from Hayley. ;)

Checking out gifts.

It was only slightly chaotic. :)

Nico was a stud with all these ladies! Friends included a set of triplets AND twins!

A Mrs. Potts Teapot. Alright!

Always part of the action, Nico insisted on helping to bake the cake.

Opening her mountain pajamas from Grandmary and Gpa.

Hmmm. What else came in the mail?

More to come...