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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Goodbye neighboor...

Our terrific neighboor Christina White has offically moved. We sent her off this week with a stream of "best wishes" gatherings. Christina has accepted a huge promotion and is off to Washington, D.C. She is one of the most intriging women we have ever known. She has experienced a little of everything in her life and is also of of the most genuine and caring person I have ever met. Her alergies don't agree with the pets but she is always willing to stop by for a glass of wine and a visit on a regular basis. She nows the best red wines and has the inside track to everything going on in or around Denver. Her trueness to herself and to others has excelled her career and has brought her close to all of our neighboors on the coolest block of 26th Ave. She was the connection to my John Elway signature football and numerous St. Patricks Day Parade VIP access (2007, 2008, 2009). She took Meg celebrity watch during the DNC and brought Meg to her first "Garden Party". She has helped with watching Sofia so Meg and I could have a date night here and there. On behalf of Jen, Randel, Jon, Liz, Alison, Nicholas, Meg, Sofia and I, YOU WILL BE DEARLY MISSED!!! I know we will see you again many time in visits between Denver and D.C. but you were the best neighboor and were were lucky to have you on our block. We wish you the best of luck and may all of your new friends be as lucky as us!

Monday, March 23, 2009


My first year of teaching I was sick all the time. And I do mean all. the. time. It stunk really bad. The only thing that got me through the rough times was that it would be better the next year and even better the year after that. And it was. So, as I entered the 4th year of my career I never expected that I would experience what I have this year.

I have honestly been catapulted back into the health status of a first year teacher. I can just about count the number of times on one hand that I have gone for a stretch of 2 weeks being completely healthy since August. Now, my friends, that is not just sad, but it is seriously pathetic. 

I feel pathetic.

I feel like crap all the time and my sweet, sweet husband is so patient and caring. My days at work push me to my limits of exhaustion and when I come home, he is always smiling and willing to let me put my feet up to catch my breath. I am so lucky to have him to take care of me. 

Thursday night was a particularly difficult night with Sofia -- up for nearly 3 hours and I was at the height of one the worst colds I've had all year. I missed Chris terribly. Having him gone during the night to work is hard! I peeled myself out of bed on Friday morning and shuffled into work. Sitting at my desk, everything was in a haze and I actually started to get teary because I was sooooooo frustrated. Not a moment later did Chris walk through my office door with a bag full of get well goodies! Tea, mac 'n cheese, clementines and my favorite, whoppers, all popped out of the grocery bag he was carrying.  After working all night, there he was with a smile and pep in his step. I couldn't believe he was standing there!

It's now Monday night and I still have some serious getting better to do. But, with those bright blue eyes and that pearly white smile to think about, getting better fast is going to be a much easier task to do this time. :) 

Monday, March 16, 2009

"Gran-manny's" Visit

Lucky me got to immerse myself in the life of my favorite 2.4 year old for the last several days. While Meghan was attending a seminar with her mom in Florida, Chris and Sofia shared some experiences with me that brought both delight and refreshed suppressed memories:
the joy of having conversations with someone whose communication skills are simply charming,
hearing her call my name,
snuggling and cuddling,
potty training,
watching someone take 10 minutes to chew and swallow a piece of food,
grocery shopping in a strange grocery store with very busy hands in the cart,
coloring with crayons,
watching her master new skills on the playground equipment at the park,
taking in the craziness of the Denver St. Patrick's Day parade,
dinner downtown followed by a lovely horse-drawn carriage ride.

On Sunday, Chris kicked off a new construction project which involves leaving around 7:00 PM and returning Monday around 9:30 AM. We packed enough quality time in to tide me over.

Chris here:
I just want everyone to know what a help it was to have GranMary in to help with Sofia while I began the night shift and started the project. Not only did she help with Sofia and rested my nerves, but she cooked great meals and helped with laundry and dishes! Sofia had a new best friend for a long weekend! Thanks again mom for everything.

Snuggling during the carriage ride.

Sofia up close and personal with "Preston."

Watching the huge parade on Saturday. Everyone was wearin' the green, including two little sisters Sofia's age nearby who all wore the same shirt.

Making pancakes.

Strutting her stuff in her Cinderella dress-up shoes.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Clicks

Hey! If you haven't noticed, I have recently added two new blogs to our "Clicking Around" side bar. Be sure to check out Dear Little One (letters from my friend Lee-Ann to her new daughter Maryn) and Keckie's World (great recipes and voting opportunities for Iron Cupcake Challenge by my friend Stephanie). Enjoy!!

Taking the Sting Out

CSAP week is a bruiser here in Colorado. No teacher likes it and despite all our efforts to make theses tests as painless as possible...they. just. are.

As the Student Government Advisor, I am not just in charge of putting on dances, doing random fundraisers and encouraging student-led activities around the building, but I am also in charge of putting on 4 assemblies at the end of each day during CSAP week. Yes, you read that right - 4! Yesterday, was the big day for kicking things off and I couldn't have asked for things to have gone any better.

We began with our Pep Band ushering all 900 kids into the gym with music to get them pumped. They were so cute...and I would argue as good if not better than some high school pep bands! The kids were ready to have could feel it in the air. I took over on the mic and started to rile them up a little more when Pee Wee Herman music started to play and in came my three CSAP Bandits riding on clown bikes with capes, wigs, masks and props reeking havoc. Outside the Lines Guy, #3 Pencil Girl, and Past the Stop Sign Dude were HI-LAR-I-OUS! The kids were laughing soooooooooo hard until the music switched again...this time to "Born to be Wild". The outside gym doors flew open and The Enforcer rode in on his jet black and steel blue motorcycle. Revving his engine multiple times, I thought the kids were going to LOSE it they were so surprised and excited by it all. Needless to say, The Enforcer saved the day and shaped up those bandits. It was pretty funny. He rode out of the gym as the kids screamed and cheered.

We followed up the skit with a group of kids and teachers doing the Cha Cha Slide and then a Staff vs. Students Dodgeball game. I have honestly never seen such genuine FUN being had in one space at one time. It was simply awesome!

So, with one assembly down, I still have 3 to go. Today, we have Sky Vista Gladiators, tomorrow the Hannah Kahn Dance Company (world-renowned modern dance troupe) and Thursday we have a Student vs. Staff Basketball game. Just writing all this makes me tired - but exhilarated at the same time. I love that we can do this kind of stuff for our kids because in the end, they are the ones that really deserve a good laugh!

CSAPs are seriously no fun. BUT, hopefully ending each day this way will take some of the sting out of that nasty testing bite!

Thursday, March 05, 2009


The good news: We FINALLY sold the Saturn! The woman buying it is coming to pick it up on Wednesday. We only made about $100 bucks on the deal. Oh well, we'll save money in the long run.
The bad news: It came down to two buyers and it royally stunk having to tell one couple that we were taking a higher offer. I felt so greedy.

The good news: It's quiet.
The bad news: It's quiet because Sofia is asleep and Chris had to leave for Arkansas tonight. It's just me and the tv.

The good news: Tomorrow is Friday
The bad news: It will be Day 4 of this nasty stomach flu I've had. Boo. 

The good news: Chris's mom is coming for a visit and to help us out while I am at a conference next weekend in Florida. 
The bad news: None! while I will be sad not to be here for the entirety of her visit, it will be special for Sofia to have some 1-on-1 GranMary time. :)

Alright. Time to peel myself off the couch and move to my bed for a change of scenery.

Monday, March 02, 2009

March 1st: Denver Style

It was so warm yesterday, Sofia decided to go outside on her own. She put on her shoes (on the wrong feet) and opened up the door. She just forgot one thing....her pants!

We'll be enjoying temps in the mid to upper 70's all week! We'll try to get Sofia in the habit of putting on pants over the next few days.

Splash O' Color

I've always felt that white walls were okay to have in a house if you used bright accent pieces or small walls to provide balance. That is just what we did when we moved into our house 3 years ago(!) this month. But, lately I've had an itch that I just couldn't get rid of and finally decided that I must give in...and drag Chris along with me too!

One Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago, I made my way down to Home Depot and brought home several small jars of paint and a paint brush. I wasn't sure what I wanted to paint, I just knew I wanted some color in our bedroom and bathroom (to start) and eventually (as in,maybe summertime) the rest of the house. I marched inside with my three colors and splashed them up against one of our bedroom walls. The goal was to live with the colors for a few days and go from there. Ironically, of the three, we only chose one and made a bold move with an accent color purchase without testing it first!

Over two weekends, we tackled the bathroom and bedroom. It feels like a brand new space and we love the two new rooms. But, after staring up at our bedroom walls for a few nights, I felt the need to push further. The first two rooms were easy enough how hard could the rest of the house be? With President's Day off, I started to bring the color into the living room. I quickly discovered that this was going to be no small feat whatsoever. At some spots, the ceiling is nearly 20 feet!

I decided to attack this space in small chunks and am now about 80% done! I have one stairwell wall and the south living room wall (it's the biggest one) left to go. Other than that, that's it! I can't believe how much our home has changed as a result of a simple, soft color on the walls. Check out our pics below. Keep in mind, when these pictures were taken, there was a lot of stuff still "under construction" and I am not in my finest blog photo attire. :)

One side of the living room.
Peek-A-Boo! The New Bathroom!
P.S. I took those flower pictures. :)
Our Bedroom
Up high in the stairwell.
Nearly Finished.