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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Safety First!

Today, Sofia and I accompanied Chris up to his jobsite in Loveland, CO to keep him company. As you may remember, Chris is very serious about safety on a construction site. He gave Sofia a lesson this morning and she was (of course!) an excellent student!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Jack Is Famous!

MONTHS ago, I submitted several photos of Jack-the-cat to my ultimate favorite website, Stuff On My Cat. As embarassing as it is, I literally check the site everyday to get a good laugh and see if Jack's picture made it. This morning, to my surprise, I clicked on the site and there was Jack! The picture is of him in a sack and the caption says, I'm off to live my life as an apricot. Check out the site!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

3 Down and An Incredible Lifetime To Go

Yesterday, Chris and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary together. We always laugh because our years of marriage don't even equal up to half of the time we dated and it ALWAYS comes up in our anniversary conversation. :) This year, we kind of spread our anniversary out over a couple of days. On Monday, we were so excited to see each other that we decided to give each other our gifts and save our cards for the actual day of our anniversary. Totally dorky, I know. It was almost like opening Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve!

Last year, if you can remember, I graduated from my Master's program. The diploma that I recieved was beautiful and I have proudly displayed it on the refrigerator for the past year. My hubby put a stop to the refrigerator decroation and had the diploma mounted in a proper frame. :) I have officially graduated!

For about 6 months now, Chris has wanted a weight bench. He has been really working out a lot lately and has become pretty serious about his health. I had been secretly saving money for a while and saved enough so that we can go and pick out his weight bench this week. He was sooooo excited!

While Sofia and I were gone in Michigan, Chris was charged with finding a babysitter and a place to eat for our special night. He did both and it was an incredibly special evening. Our friends Matt and Stacey took care of our little sweetie so that we could go and have a romantic dinner at The Cork House, one of our new favs in Denver. We split a delicious bottle of Savignon Blanc and ate several super tasty appetizers tapas-style. It was so much fun!

We are so lucky and blessed to have found one another. An amazing father, husband and friend -- I cannot imagine spending my life with another person.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wrapping Up A Great Trip

Enjoy our photo recount of the final part of our trip to Michigan!

Uncle Walker taught Sofia how to roll a ball!

Uncle Walker, Aunt Kristen and Sofia

Papou, Yia Yia Rose and Sofia

My dear friend Marissa and I in her driveway after a long night of catching up. :)

Grandma Debbie and Sofia looking at the morning flowers.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Vacay in Michigan...and Missing Daddy!!

Sofia and I arrived in Michigan on Monday afternoon and have been having a great time with family and friends. Here's the thing though---we miss Chris (Daddy) so much! While most of our readers are people we will be seeing while on this trip, this post is to help our Denver man make it through the rest of the week. We love you, Daddy!! Enjoy this mid-week photo journal...

Sofia and Grandma Debbie deep in conversation.

Long-time friends and hilarious college roomies, Peggy and Tanya.

Sofia's future husband! Meet Isaac!

My BFF...Yeah, we really did have the bracelets! Kate, my dearest friend and mom of Isaac.

GranMary and Sofia playing on the floor. What's so funny little one?

...Oh, I know! Mom! She is HILARIOUS!

Cousins Shelby and Shaylynn reading a story to a captivated audience.

Great-Grandma Johnson got to experience Sofia just after a nap. More photo ops will come soon. :)

Yeah, we match.

The green leather couch is famous to all our friends and family for its incredible napping capabilities. Sofia seems to have found another reason to appreciate this piece of furniture.

My sister, Kristen and I. 'Nuff said.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy 1st Father's Day!

What a great day! Today was my first Father's Day and a beautiful one at that. The cards that Meg and Sofia got me filled my eyes with tears of joy and the funny thing is that the cards were comical ones. I'm such a sucker!

Meg, Sofia, and I went to Einstein's Bagel for breakfast bagel sandwiches and delicious coffee and then meet up with our friends Matt and Stacey for an afternoon Rockies baseball game. The game was filled with great plays and lots of home runs, despite the final score. The weather was partly sunny today with temperature in the mid 90's! We all lathered on the spf 50 and dressed in cool clothes. Meg, Sofia, and Stacey ended sitting down below under the bleachers at the shady picnic area when the sun was peaking out over the clouds.

We left in the eighth inning because my lil' sis Lindsey and her boyfriend Jaffer were flying back to MI from their West Coast vacation and Alaskan cruise with a two hour lay-over in Denver International Airport. Seeing Lindsey and Jaffer was a great way to end the day.I love to share Sofia's love and nothing brings me more joy than to see her bring smiles on the faces of friends and families.

After bath time, Sofia and shared some special
father-daughter bonding. She may have even said her first
words, Dada! Listen and be the judge for yourself.
Meg is a little more convinced than I am,
but maybe I am being too humble.

Our friends, Matt and Stacey. :)

Aunt Lindsey and her favorite niece!

Jaffer gettin' some love from Sofia.

Spending some quality time with Lindsey and Jaffer at DIA as they had a layover. Good luck to the two of them in their new city of Cleveland!!

And Finally....

Friday, June 15, 2007

Muphy's Law

  1. Last week we paid Stanley Steamer $159 to come and clean our carpets. It was a bit of money, but totally worth it. Our house looks awesome! Awesome lasted less than 5 days....Since then, the cat, the dog and the baby have all puked on the carpet. Chris even spilled jelly!
  2. Sofia and I will be making the trek to Michigan on Monday on our own. She is very much past the stage of just being happy sitting in Mommy's lap and would rather try and run across the globe if she could. Yesterday, Sofia came down with the most definite cold she has ever had. I am seriously worried about a potentially wiggly, and very uncomfortable baby on a 3 hour flight.

Murphy's Law usually works in 3's. I will keep you updated as to whether or not we will get to cheat the laws of nature this time.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sofia's First Swim!!

On Monday, Sofia and I celebrated the start to summer by hitting the pool with some friends. It was her first time in the water, so of course it had to be digitally documented! :) She was a girl after my own heart and took right to the water...she even tried to stick her head under! She is the coolest baby ever!

Floating in her new raft, Sofia checks out the pool like a seasoned swimmer.

That wind is cold! Brrr!

Babies, babies everywhere! My friends, Suzanne, Angie and Annie (taking the picture) brought their kiddos to play too. It was quite the afternoon!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Guest Column #2: David and Mary's Summer Vacation

Hi. It's David and Mary Daniel here, wrapping up our action-packed Mile High summer vacation. We arrived Thursday morning and went directly to Loveland with Meghan and Sofia to visit Chris at his job site and have lunch. That evening we were forced into playing Dance Dance Revolution until we dropped. Next was a day-trip to the Pike's Peak area where we hiked through the gorgeous Garden of the Gods rock formations. It was Sofia's first hiking experience and she did a great job of keeping up! We couldn't pass up the outlet mall on the way home. Saturday's event was a trip to the zoo - another first for Sofia. A highlight was watching the hippos exiting their mud bath to go to their pool for a dip. They were so huge they could barely inch their way over to the pool!

Today Chris, Mary, Sofia and Layla left for an early 2 mile walk to the farmer's market only to find the Farmer's Market wasn't there as advertised. Too tired to walk back and had to call David for a ride home. Meghan finally got to sleep till 9 am! After brunch we made a mad dash to Target to load up on baby swim gear, sun block, hats in preparation for an afternoon at the neighborhood pool. Sofia looked adorable in her tiny bikini, and we were so excited for her first swimming adventure. Much to our dismay, both pools were closed due to kiddie contamination.

Denver restaurants are something we relish. Our Gayla Farewell dinner last night was at Cork House. Our first course was a 5-cheese flight which included grapes, apples, crackers and candied walnuts that we enjoyed with a cold, crisp pinot grigio. It doesn't get any better than dinner out on the patio enjoying the view of the mountains. Brunch today at Lola's in downtown Denver featured a modern Mexican infused menu. For example, David's favorite hot dog and chips served Lola's style became a chorizo wrap with plantain chips, habanero ketchup, and jicama slaw. On your next trip to Denver, ask Meghan and Chris to take you there. Chris is in the kitchen right now making our last meal and we can't wait to see his final production!

We are so very proud of Chris and Meghan and how they are raising Sofia and making a wonderful life for themselves here in Denver. They have been really great hosts and it is so much fun to come out and visit!!

Below are pictures from our trip.

Multi-tasking: Having breakfast while playing with Sofia.

Dinner with Sofia at the Cork House. She slept through most of it, but she isn't 21 yet anyway!!

Dinner at the Cork House! Mmmm! Cheese and wine. :)

Ready for the pool!

We got the trip underway on Thursday night by playing Dance Dance Revolution with Meg and Chris. It was impossible not to laugh while trying to concentrate on the dance moves.

We may have a future spelunker on our hands!

Absolutely captivating! Sofia's noises, giggles, coos and smiles were nothing but a magnet for all our attentions!

Sofia and Granmary posing for the camera.

Pikes Peak or Bust!....well, we almost made it. This is just outside of Garden of the Gods.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Chapter 2

My classroom is empty. The halls are quiet. Year two is offically over.

To begin to reflect on this year would require a has been filled with more "moments" than I could have ever anticipated. But, as I turn off the lights and close my door for the last time this year, I will smile with the hope that I have touched the life of at least one student.

I am truly blessed and honored to be in the teaching profession.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Inaugural Guest Column

Greetings Blog-readers!

This is Andrea writing here...Meg's friend for years and years :) This weekend I was lucky enough to grab a flight from Detroit to Denver to visit my friends Meghan, Chris, and Sofia. We had lots of fun spending time together - just like old times. This is my first trip out to Denver, therefore, my first time seeing their beautiful home and the town they live in. It is SO beautiful! I feel like they live in a magazine - it's picture perfect. From the stunning, colorful homes in their neighborhood, to the little town center a short distance away- Meg & Chris (and Sofia!) have made a new home in a wonderful place.

Also, with this trip, I got to enjoy Sofia longer than I ever have before. She is such a sweet baby and I loved spending the weekend with her. I think she still has no idea who I am or why I've moved in for the weekend - but I gave her a bottle and tickled her toes - so, we're friends. :) Though Sofia is a very good girl with minimal fussing, I still am amazed at how her parents are with her. They are both so patient and loving through her dirty diaper changes, her little whining fits, and crack of dawn wakings. I have heard my share of cutsie, baby sounds from both Meg and Chris and lots of sing songy voices. Wish I could record that and take it with me.

Anyways, in a few hours, I will be headed back home... I am sad to leave them - it has been a great time for reconnecting with my old friends and I look forward to the next time we can spend time together again. I'm already in the plans for my next trip out here! (And I s'pose I'll even bring hubby next time ;) )

Here are some pics from the weekend.....

Bathtime fun. AND, Sofia learned NOT to lay on her belly in the tub. A good reminder for all of us.
Watching a very SAD Pistons game at the Tavern. Fortunately, I was in good company, so it wasn't a total bust.

I think that Chris resembles Disney/Pixar's Mr. Incredible in this pic. That would make Meghan.....ElastaGirl!

Goodbye for now! I'll be sure to check in on my next Adventure Out West.