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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Guest Column #2: David and Mary's Summer Vacation

Hi. It's David and Mary Daniel here, wrapping up our action-packed Mile High summer vacation. We arrived Thursday morning and went directly to Loveland with Meghan and Sofia to visit Chris at his job site and have lunch. That evening we were forced into playing Dance Dance Revolution until we dropped. Next was a day-trip to the Pike's Peak area where we hiked through the gorgeous Garden of the Gods rock formations. It was Sofia's first hiking experience and she did a great job of keeping up! We couldn't pass up the outlet mall on the way home. Saturday's event was a trip to the zoo - another first for Sofia. A highlight was watching the hippos exiting their mud bath to go to their pool for a dip. They were so huge they could barely inch their way over to the pool!

Today Chris, Mary, Sofia and Layla left for an early 2 mile walk to the farmer's market only to find the Farmer's Market wasn't there as advertised. Too tired to walk back and had to call David for a ride home. Meghan finally got to sleep till 9 am! After brunch we made a mad dash to Target to load up on baby swim gear, sun block, hats in preparation for an afternoon at the neighborhood pool. Sofia looked adorable in her tiny bikini, and we were so excited for her first swimming adventure. Much to our dismay, both pools were closed due to kiddie contamination.

Denver restaurants are something we relish. Our Gayla Farewell dinner last night was at Cork House. Our first course was a 5-cheese flight which included grapes, apples, crackers and candied walnuts that we enjoyed with a cold, crisp pinot grigio. It doesn't get any better than dinner out on the patio enjoying the view of the mountains. Brunch today at Lola's in downtown Denver featured a modern Mexican infused menu. For example, David's favorite hot dog and chips served Lola's style became a chorizo wrap with plantain chips, habanero ketchup, and jicama slaw. On your next trip to Denver, ask Meghan and Chris to take you there. Chris is in the kitchen right now making our last meal and we can't wait to see his final production!

We are so very proud of Chris and Meghan and how they are raising Sofia and making a wonderful life for themselves here in Denver. They have been really great hosts and it is so much fun to come out and visit!!

Below are pictures from our trip.

Multi-tasking: Having breakfast while playing with Sofia.

Dinner with Sofia at the Cork House. She slept through most of it, but she isn't 21 yet anyway!!

Dinner at the Cork House! Mmmm! Cheese and wine. :)

Ready for the pool!

We got the trip underway on Thursday night by playing Dance Dance Revolution with Meg and Chris. It was impossible not to laugh while trying to concentrate on the dance moves.

We may have a future spelunker on our hands!

Absolutely captivating! Sofia's noises, giggles, coos and smiles were nothing but a magnet for all our attentions!

Sofia and Granmary posing for the camera.

Pikes Peak or Bust!....well, we almost made it. This is just outside of Garden of the Gods.


Chris said...

Thanks Mom and Dad for the great visit. Trips like this make moving all the way out here a little easier. Sofia had a great time bonding and we made some great memories and pictures to share with her when she gets older.

Brian and Debbie said...

Wowee!!! You two truly are the embodiment of Grandparenting on Steroids!!! :-) What an action-packed, fun time you had. The pictures are just great and we're so glad you were able to see the kids and the life they're shaping together. It reminded me of the saying..."God is good, all the time....and all the time, God is good." Amen!
Love to you all,
Brian and Debbie

Mary said...

It truly was a great vist.
Correction: we were not forced to play Dance Dance Revolution till we dropped. Since David and I were too excited to sleep and then got up before 5:00 am to get ready for our flight, we were pretty tired Thurs night when we started to "dance." The game was really fun. The only "forcing" was me trying to make my twinkle toes move fast enough despite the long day and the altitude, until I dropped out to watch C & M.


cyndi & lee said...

I loved hearing about the trip from David & Mary's perspective and really enjoyed all of the pictures! It looks (and sounds) like a great time was had by all and I'm so happy for everyone. Visits from family definitely make moving away a bit easier.

Kate D said...

Isaac thinks Sofia looks hot in her bikini. :)

Anonymous said...

Chris and Meghan,
What a great time all of you had together. I envy Mary and David being able to spend all of that time traveling and still find the energy to dance!! I really enjoyed seeing all of the pictures. I think the family picture would be one that the Denver area would be proud to put on their brochure. It is really good. Love all of you.
Aunt Connie