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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

3 Down and An Incredible Lifetime To Go

Yesterday, Chris and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary together. We always laugh because our years of marriage don't even equal up to half of the time we dated and it ALWAYS comes up in our anniversary conversation. :) This year, we kind of spread our anniversary out over a couple of days. On Monday, we were so excited to see each other that we decided to give each other our gifts and save our cards for the actual day of our anniversary. Totally dorky, I know. It was almost like opening Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve!

Last year, if you can remember, I graduated from my Master's program. The diploma that I recieved was beautiful and I have proudly displayed it on the refrigerator for the past year. My hubby put a stop to the refrigerator decroation and had the diploma mounted in a proper frame. :) I have officially graduated!

For about 6 months now, Chris has wanted a weight bench. He has been really working out a lot lately and has become pretty serious about his health. I had been secretly saving money for a while and saved enough so that we can go and pick out his weight bench this week. He was sooooo excited!

While Sofia and I were gone in Michigan, Chris was charged with finding a babysitter and a place to eat for our special night. He did both and it was an incredibly special evening. Our friends Matt and Stacey took care of our little sweetie so that we could go and have a romantic dinner at The Cork House, one of our new favs in Denver. We split a delicious bottle of Savignon Blanc and ate several super tasty appetizers tapas-style. It was so much fun!

We are so lucky and blessed to have found one another. An amazing father, husband and friend -- I cannot imagine spending my life with another person.


cyndi & lee said...

It seems like just yesterday we were in Michigan for your wedding - boy how time flies!!

I absolutely LOVE the picture of the two of you. You're so freaking adorable together it brings tears to my eyes! Congratulations on three years of wedded bliss. You guys deserve every second of it!

Anonymous said...

congratulations you two!!! may this next year of marriage continue to be a strong one for you.


Anonymous said...

Still happy and going forward fast!!

Amazing what you two have done in 3 years.

Happy day, a little late.