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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy 1st Father's Day!

What a great day! Today was my first Father's Day and a beautiful one at that. The cards that Meg and Sofia got me filled my eyes with tears of joy and the funny thing is that the cards were comical ones. I'm such a sucker!

Meg, Sofia, and I went to Einstein's Bagel for breakfast bagel sandwiches and delicious coffee and then meet up with our friends Matt and Stacey for an afternoon Rockies baseball game. The game was filled with great plays and lots of home runs, despite the final score. The weather was partly sunny today with temperature in the mid 90's! We all lathered on the spf 50 and dressed in cool clothes. Meg, Sofia, and Stacey ended sitting down below under the bleachers at the shady picnic area when the sun was peaking out over the clouds.

We left in the eighth inning because my lil' sis Lindsey and her boyfriend Jaffer were flying back to MI from their West Coast vacation and Alaskan cruise with a two hour lay-over in Denver International Airport. Seeing Lindsey and Jaffer was a great way to end the day.I love to share Sofia's love and nothing brings me more joy than to see her bring smiles on the faces of friends and families.

After bath time, Sofia and shared some special
father-daughter bonding. She may have even said her first
words, Dada! Listen and be the judge for yourself.
Meg is a little more convinced than I am,
but maybe I am being too humble.

Our friends, Matt and Stacey. :)

Aunt Lindsey and her favorite niece!

Jaffer gettin' some love from Sofia.

Spending some quality time with Lindsey and Jaffer at DIA as they had a layover. Good luck to the two of them in their new city of Cleveland!!

And Finally....


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful first Father's Day you had. Thanks so much for sharing and the pictures of Lindsey and Jaffer were wonderful. I am sure that you had some good quality time with them. I also appreciate the video. Sounded like dada to me!
Keep up the good work and share all you can. I love your blog. It helps so much since you all are so far away.
Aunt Connie

Mom and Dad said...

I loved your call last night - it was clearly "dada"! - and your excitement is so contagious. Every new little step is so much fun for all of us, and we so appreciate your and Meg's time and effort to keep us all in the loop. Ditto to Connie's comments on the blog. We simply couldn't survive this separation without it.

Love, Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

The greatest blog ever!!!

Amazing to hear her first word


Thanks so very much for family pic

Love you all so much


cyndi & lee said...

Loved the update and the pictures! I agree with Connie and your parents, I love the blog! I feel like I've gotten to know you and Meghan through it and for that, I'm quite grateful!

Sara & Jeff Eklove said...

What a fantastic father's day gift! It's so fun to watch Sofia grow and to hear you the two of you are doing as well.

Love to the whole family!