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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Vacay in Michigan...and Missing Daddy!!

Sofia and I arrived in Michigan on Monday afternoon and have been having a great time with family and friends. Here's the thing though---we miss Chris (Daddy) so much! While most of our readers are people we will be seeing while on this trip, this post is to help our Denver man make it through the rest of the week. We love you, Daddy!! Enjoy this mid-week photo journal...

Sofia and Grandma Debbie deep in conversation.

Long-time friends and hilarious college roomies, Peggy and Tanya.

Sofia's future husband! Meet Isaac!

My BFF...Yeah, we really did have the bracelets! Kate, my dearest friend and mom of Isaac.

GranMary and Sofia playing on the floor. What's so funny little one?

...Oh, I know! Mom! She is HILARIOUS!

Cousins Shelby and Shaylynn reading a story to a captivated audience.

Great-Grandma Johnson got to experience Sofia just after a nap. More photo ops will come soon. :)

Yeah, we match.

The green leather couch is famous to all our friends and family for its incredible napping capabilities. Sofia seems to have found another reason to appreciate this piece of furniture.

My sister, Kristen and I. 'Nuff said.


Daddio said...

Nice picture of my girls! I miss them so much! Glad everyone is enjoying the visit!

David said...

We are so glad to see you two! - steaks were sooooooo good!! It was great just to be over there! Mary and I love you three more than you know! We miss Chris as much as you do! Tell Chris - no more cards that make me me CRY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Michigan in the summer! Enjoy. We're off to Grand Rapids/Muskegon soon!

Anonymous said...

What smiles!!

Great pics.....and even a look at our Mary, who doesn't look old enough to be Grandmary.
Must be clean living!!!

Thanks again for your sharing.

Sofia's Nain

Daddio said...

still missing my girls :-( Layla and Jack-the-Cat are keeping me company as best they can, especially when I am in the kitchen. . I keep hearling babies outside and seeing baby comercial on the disney channel (guilty pleasure). A week has never been so long...