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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


As mentioned in my previous post, there has been TONS going on in our household, which has been the cause of my shirking my responsibilities to the blogging world. But, I promise, there's a really good reason....

(keep scrolling)

WE'RE PREGNANT!!!!! Woo hoo!!!

Officially in the "safe zone" to tell people, we are more than thrilled. Baby D will join our little family sometime in early July.


Oh, and try not to barf all over the place. :)

Monday, December 07, 2009

Juggling Act

Quite a bit has happened in our little home in the last few weeks since my return from Seattle (which was great, by the way). I'll be sure to update in the next few days once I can put down the 12 other balls I have up in the air right now. In the meantime, check this little cutie out!

She clearly has no shyness of the camera...and, notice the iPod in her hand. This kid is definitely related to her engineer dad and techie mom! We might just have our hands full as she gets older!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Off to the Emerald City!

Tomorrow morning I leave for Seattle for my first PhD Residency. It will be four days of writing, networking, thinking, learning, and developing my skills as a scholar-practitioner in this crazy doctoral journey. I am excited and nervous. I'm going to miss Chris and Sofia so much, but am also looking forward to some "me" time. It's going to be weird to just be a student again. I'll be sure to write about my adventures when I return...maybe after a few days of resting my fingers! :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's Official: My Kid Is Smart

Sofia is quite enamored with Chris's iTouch. We've downloaded some educational games for her and she's become quite a master at them. Watch and see...BTW, be sure to watch until the end. What she says is PRICELESS!

Best. Story. Ever.

It's no secret that Chris and Jack-the-Cat are not the greatest of friends. In fact, I think Jack looks at Chris like a guest in his hotel. Needless to say, the other night, Jack got a little revenge on Chris....

While he and I were sitting on the couch watching TV, Jack jumped up onto the banister behind us and stretched out in his normal evening routine. Chris took a drink of ice water from the GINORMOUS broncos cup we have and placed it up on the banister as well.

And then it happened.

It was like time stopped. I heard a funny noise, like ice clinking on plastic. Just as I looked up, there was Jack, batting at the cup just above Chris's head. But it was too late. Down it went! All over Chris's head, shoulders, and back!

Chris sat there stunned while Jack just sat on the banister and stared at him. I would pay a million dollars to know what that cat was thinking!

I tried my best to not laugh, but it was waaaaaaayyyy too funny. :) After Chris warmed back up, he was laughing too.

I wonder if this is Part 1 in determining who the "man of the house" is ? The saga will continue, I'm sure.

Sunday, November 08, 2009


A cute fairy, a singing fairy, family shots...and NO comments? they say on SNL, "Really?"

Thursday, November 05, 2009

If I could only spend 5 minutes inside her brain

In the car...

Sofia: I miss my daddy.
Me: Do you want to have special Daddy-Sofia time when we get home?
Sofia: yeah, 'cause that firetruck makes me sad...Hey! Look at that tower!

Um, yeaaaahhhhh.

Monday, November 02, 2009

To Never Never Land and Back

This was Sofia's first official Halloween where she trick-or-treated and man, did she live it up! We had so much fun! After much debate over whether Sofia would be a bumblebee or Tinkerbell, she finally made her decision....
We started the day at a super fun First Birthday Party for our friend, Maryn. She was A-dor-able! There were TONS of kids at the party and they all played and got along with one another so well.

After such a busy morning and a well-deserved nap, we made our way out for trick-or-treating. Sofia was incredibly shy at first; hiding behind my legs and barely even whispering "trick-or-treat". By the end of the evening, however, she was running up onto the porches, knocking on doors, and yelling "TRICK-OR-TREAT!" at the top of her lungs...and all by herself. I think she finally figured out that there was a pretty good prize on the other side of the door. :)

After all that excitement, we spent the evening with some friends at their new house and passed out candy there while the kiddos played and ate too much candy. Lots of fun!

....and for an added bonus, check out Sofia singing along with the Little Einsteins! It's more than hilarious!

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Doctor is NOT In

Oh man. This PhD program is kicking. my. butt. I have two GINORMOUS papers due on Sunday and can use all of the positive writing energy in the world at my fingertips. Will you please send it to me?


This is apparently what I look like when I'm thinking/studying. I had left the camera on my computer on accidentally...when I closed the online book I was reading this is what showed up! haha
In other news, Chris and I had a fantastic week living a life we could never afford thanks to our friends and Chris's boss. We were given tickets to go see "Wicked" on Tuesday night. Absolutely phenomenal! We enjoyed a special dinner at one of our favorite restaurants before the show and then walked the few blocks to the theater. I felt so grown up! On Wednesday night, we enjoyed court side seats at the Nuggets season home opener. It was incredible! I have never, ever experienced something like that before. Those are some huge dudes! The funniest part of the entire night was coming home, turning Sports Center on and seeing this...
There I am! Right in the back left corner! It was pretty funny. This clip played multiple times on ESPN and on the news the next day. I really did get about 15 minutes of fame! :)

That's about all for now. Lots to talk about, but my fingers need to get busy typing in the world of academia for now. More soon!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Fun Day!

I am on Fall Break this week (best educational decision EVER!) and decided to have a special Momma-Sofia Day. We had so much fun! Our day began by sleeping in until 9:30 a.m. (yes, you read that right), trying 3 different types of cereals, staying in our pajamas to watch "Kung Fu Panda", finger painting, naps, a picnic lunch in the living room, and a trip to the park. So much fun!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

We've Been Busy

Over the past 6 months I have been working hard at trying to organize and utilize all the space in our house. We've added tons of shelving to our closets, Chris built me an incredible desk, and this summer, we bought Sofia a bunk bed and did not install the bottom bed. This past weekend, we spent some more time in Miss Sofia's room to complete the re-organization. Here are the results:

Sofia LOVES her bunk bed. If you recall from last year, we were having a persistant problem with her getting out of bed at night. Not anymore! She has not gotten out of bed ONCE since we got this new bad boy.

This space worked out nicely because we can hide the hamper and some bigger toys behind the end of the bed.
Ta Da! I have never released such a huge breath as I did when this was finished. Everything has a place now....and Sofia helps put things away too!

Birthday Recap

Friday, October 16, 2009


Dear Sofia,
Three years ago we thought you might be on your way. The doctors, however, weren't so sure. They told Daddy and I to just wait patiently and you would come when you were ready...but it probably wouldn't be as soon as we wanted. You had a different plan!

After a long night of tests and observation, Daddy and I were sent back home to wait for the "real signs" that you were on your way. The next afternoon, I awoke suddenly from a nap to a silly sensation in my were officially coming!

Just a few short hours later, you made your way into the world; bright-eyed, soft cheeks, and sweet cooing. You didn't even cry until the nurse started to give you your bath! Daddy and I hugged and kissed you, thanking God for such an amazing blessing. We loved you from the moment we saw you!

Sofia, you are three years old today. You are so smart! Daddy and I are amazed each and every day by the new things that you discover and learn. You are a collector, pet lover, and excellent kiss blower. Your favorite teams are the Broncos and Spartans but your complete allegiance lies with the Little Einsteins. They really are "your team"! You love to sing and are mastering the alphabet more and more each day. You manage to turn heads and touch the hearts of nearly every person you meet. God shines through your eyes when you smile.

It's funny that while three years really isn't a long amount of time, it feels like you have been part of our hearts for an eternity. God had a plan for you to be in our lives! We love you so much and know that you will continue to grow into a smart, thoughtful, kind, young girl.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Sofia! We love you!

P.S. We decided that, as a princess, you deserved a castle! We hope you have fun!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Instant Classics from Year One

You may have seen these before but I wanted to post them anyways. Sofia turns 3yrs old on the 16th of this month and I am amazed at how she is growing. Enjoy the flashback...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lets go Rockies!!!

Tonight Park Hill United Methodist Church sang The Star Spangled Banner at the Colorado Rockies baseball game. Its the first game on a 9-game home trip and we are proud to have them back. Even more proud to watch our Mom sing in front of the die-hard fans who game to cheer the Rock on in a drizzly cold game. Sofia even got a new hat out of the deal. The camera died while taking these so this is all we got. These shots were over an hour before the game, and more fans did show up. Sofia even had a hug purple sucker (huge to her but just a tootsie-pop) that kept getting caught in the purple tastles. I think I washed it off in the drinking fountain 15 times. The rain and a tired girl both won and we left in the 4th. After all it is a school night...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Man my little girl is getting so big!

There is not much to say here but I just wanted to share this moment with you. We were just getting ready to head down the stairs to get shoes on when we decided to get the pig-tails on digital file. Love the pose! Your Daddy loves you Sofia!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009


HI. Let me re-introduce myself. I'm Meghan.

I feel like it's been FOREVER since I have actually written on our blog! So sad! I love writing here about our wild and crazy lives. It's funny how life just kind of takes over sometimes, isn't it?

Needless to say, I'm back. Shall we catch up?

I have officially finished my first term as a PhD candidate at Walden University and, after taking a short break, have begun a new term. It actually began on Tuesday (Happy Birthday to me!) and I got slammed with homework immediately. This quarter I am taking my first of 3 research courses, a class on learning theory and educational technology, writing my first learning agreement (prep work for a year-long research project) and attending my first 4 day residency in Seattle. I just got tired writing that! It will be a busy 12 weeks, but really exciting too. I love the work that I am doing and it goes hand-in-hand with what I do with students and teachers with my job. It's all very fulfilling. :)

Speaking of work: We are entering our 4th week back at school with students. This was the first year that it felt like I just blinked and summer was gone. The kids are great this year and I am really looking forward to heading up student government again. Assembly and dance theme ideas anyone? Anyone?

Sofia is hilArious lately. She has developed such a personality...and knows it. She woke up in the middle of the night recently and stated, "My nose burped, Mommy!" Okay then!

She loves going to daycare and playing with her two friends Wyatt and Ella. The three of them are so cute with one another. Then, the entire way home each day she talks about how she will get to see Haley when we get home. Seriously. This kid has got it good: plays all day and all night. I think I would like to be 2 again. Sofia has also become quite the little singer! I bought her a $2 voice amplifier that looks like the little microphone that Annie, a character from the Little Einsteins sings into and she WILL NOT PUT IT DOWN. Ever. This video is hilarious.

Chris has been working up a storm in Greeley. Though the drive is certainly no fun (1.5 hrs each way) he continues to get great feedback from the store managers of King Soopers and his company about the project. He has taken on his role of Superintendent over the last year so well. I am SO proud of him. :)

Chris and I got to escape for a night up to Vail this weekend for my friend's wedding reception (pic at top). Our neighbors came and stayed with Sofia for the night. Coolest friends EVER! We rented a ginormous condo in East Vail with 7 other friends had a fantastic time.

(After the reception back at the condo.)

I turned 29 last Tuesday. I feel old. I think I developed arthritis over night. Really.

That's all for now. I will try and do a much better job posting.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Wachin a mooooovie...

Tony, April, Meg and I are having grown up time in the living room while Sofia and Hailey watch a movie.
A little chalk time with Daddy

Danicing Machine

This just makes me laugh...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Crazy Busy

Hey there blog followers, we are still here. Time has been at a premium lately and we are finally able to exhale. Right after we got back from LV, Sofia came down with Croup (basically a cold in her throat) and thanks to our healthcare provider, it took us way to long to get a slip saying she was ok to return to Day Care. With this lovely event, Mg had to take Sofia with her to school and only got done about 2 days of work in 4.5 days. I took the afternoon of on Friday and there went the week. Meg then brought her work home every night and had to play catchup with her school work. I in turn was working right through the middle on my OSHA 30 certification after we got Sofia sleeping for the night. Our routine for the past two weeks were get home from work between 5-7 for the both of us, scrap together some dinner, quick bath, story and sleepy time around 8:30pm, with homework/school work between 9pm-12am. Whew! My certification is complete and Meg has finished her first quarter of Graduate School! Seriously, she has worked so hard. I have never known anyone who takes so much pride in every assignment, every post and every paper she rights. I have never been so proud to be her husband and her sounding board. She often reads me her posts and papers and asks for my thoughts. Her writing and train of thought is so inspiring, I have so little to say other than I think she is right on! So that is what we have been up to the last few weeks!

p.s. Sofia is cuter than ever and has been working on her singing and sentence structure. I will go charge the camera and will try to get something up in the near future.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Las Vegas Baby!

Vegas was a blast. We had a great time and since so much time has past since we got back and this post, I won't bore you with a long winded recap. We came, we partied, we gambled, we won, we lounged by the pool, we left. Here are some photos if you haven't seen some on FB.
p.s. The Bellagio rocks...