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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Crazy Busy

Hey there blog followers, we are still here. Time has been at a premium lately and we are finally able to exhale. Right after we got back from LV, Sofia came down with Croup (basically a cold in her throat) and thanks to our healthcare provider, it took us way to long to get a slip saying she was ok to return to Day Care. With this lovely event, Mg had to take Sofia with her to school and only got done about 2 days of work in 4.5 days. I took the afternoon of on Friday and there went the week. Meg then brought her work home every night and had to play catchup with her school work. I in turn was working right through the middle on my OSHA 30 certification after we got Sofia sleeping for the night. Our routine for the past two weeks were get home from work between 5-7 for the both of us, scrap together some dinner, quick bath, story and sleepy time around 8:30pm, with homework/school work between 9pm-12am. Whew! My certification is complete and Meg has finished her first quarter of Graduate School! Seriously, she has worked so hard. I have never known anyone who takes so much pride in every assignment, every post and every paper she rights. I have never been so proud to be her husband and her sounding board. She often reads me her posts and papers and asks for my thoughts. Her writing and train of thought is so inspiring, I have so little to say other than I think she is right on! So that is what we have been up to the last few weeks!

p.s. Sofia is cuter than ever and has been working on her singing and sentence structure. I will go charge the camera and will try to get something up in the near future.


Debbie said...

So glad you all can relax and breathe this weekend! How nice to read your thoughts about Meg, Chris...and how lucky she is to have your support. Enjoy the last days of summer, and give Little Missy all our love!

Anonymous said...

welcome back

I have missed your updates.
Can hardly wait to hear our little darling singing again. The early program in July does get repeated.

Glad you are greating caught up.
Nain, aka ggkt

Anonymous said...

correction, please

I meant to write "getting" caught up.

Explaination of "Nain"
It came to the point of needing a name for Addison to use. Grandma Joyce is still that but I became "NAIN" on Saturday.
It is the Welsh word for Grandmother and easy for her to say. She does it very well. I am proud to be Nain to Sofia also tho I don't get to see her enough.

Momma Mia said...

You are such a smart husband ("Her writing and train of thought is so inspiring, I have so little to say other than I think she is right on!"). How nice you both wrapped up your projects simultaneously so you can goof off a little at the same time. Meg must be putting her new little desk to good use.
Momma Mia

Anonymous said...

Did the croup have that baby barking like a seal?

Meg, Chris and Sofia said...

Yeah. Croup was so not cool.

Daddio said...

she laughed like a 70 yr old smoker...