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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Preggo Meggo

This is the box I got in the mail today from my best friend, Kate.

Thank you, my friend. You always know how to make me laugh when I need it most! :)

Our life in photos and videos

Here's a recap of the last few months...

Christmas & New Year's in MI & Estes Park, CO

Stacy Comes to Denver! (Our longtime friend, Stacy, who plays Grizabella in "CATS" was in Denver for a week performing.)

Sofia, oh, Sofia...

Monday, January 11, 2010

It's the New Year?

Get ready. This is a long one...

Whoa. How many times can I say that "time flies"? Someone commented recently that they feared the end of this blog due to the amount of stuff on my plate. I am here to say that that will be a resounding NO!! However, there may be some delays in posts...especially during busy times of the year.

This Christmas, we made a last-minute trip to Michigan to spend time with family. While it is always a whirlwind visit, we so enjoyed our time there. It was tons of fun watching Sofia this year. It was as if she really got it. She loved helping hand out gifts as well as open hers...and everyone else's. :) She danced around on Christmas Eve with her aunties and was the belle of the ball at every gathering....literally. My mom found an old dance costume of my sister's and pulled it out. She wore it almost every day we were there and it now makes a daily appearance at our house during dress-up time when we get home.

Chris's birthday is always a toughy. Falling on Christmas Day, he is always so gracious in his understanding of the need to spend time in multiple homes and thus not getting much time to actually focus the day on him. BUT, this year, since we were in MI, I managed to pull off a surprise birthday party for him with the help of his mom, our sisters, and his best friend. I have never been so excited to do something for him. It was such a special night and we were so fortunate that so many of our favorite people could come out and join us despite the crappy weather.

New Year's brought us up to Estes Park, CO, where we spent 3 days with friends in, what was quite possibly, the most beautiful cabin I have ever seen in my life. Each day, we hung out by the fire, went for hikes (well, not me), cooked delicious meals, and just. hung. out. It was super relaxing and great way to end our vacation. :)

On the school front, things are progressing. I began a class after just one week of break at the end of November. It is a really interesting class involving the evolution of technology in society, education, and the workplace. It has been more than applicable to my current job and the best part is that my professor actually lives in Denver.

The "Least One", as my mom calls it, is doing quite well. After several weeks of feeling incredibly sick and then losing weight, my doc decided that my body needed a little help and put me on Zofran to control my nausea. Now, at 14 weeks, I have gone for 4 days without feeling sick! A major triumph in the world of pregnancy, if you ask me. :) Our next appointment is in two weeks which will bring a genetic screening, other basic tests, and getting to the heartbeat again. Who knew that a little swishing sound could be so sweet and reassuring? I just love it! Sofia is only slightly interested in my expanding waistline at the moment. She asks occasionally if
"that baby in my tummy is making me sick/tired" which I think is hilarious. For the most part, it is a little too early for her to understand it all, but still fun to talk about as a family.

Ahhh, so that's about it. It seems like I have just blinked and 2010 arrived. Life is so busy...always has been...always will be. That will never stop me from sharing the craziness within our world however.

Peace out, Blogosphere.

P.S. Pics to come. I am going to put them in a slideshow so that it doesn't take up huge amounts of space.