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Friday, October 16, 2009


Dear Sofia,
Three years ago we thought you might be on your way. The doctors, however, weren't so sure. They told Daddy and I to just wait patiently and you would come when you were ready...but it probably wouldn't be as soon as we wanted. You had a different plan!

After a long night of tests and observation, Daddy and I were sent back home to wait for the "real signs" that you were on your way. The next afternoon, I awoke suddenly from a nap to a silly sensation in my were officially coming!

Just a few short hours later, you made your way into the world; bright-eyed, soft cheeks, and sweet cooing. You didn't even cry until the nurse started to give you your bath! Daddy and I hugged and kissed you, thanking God for such an amazing blessing. We loved you from the moment we saw you!

Sofia, you are three years old today. You are so smart! Daddy and I are amazed each and every day by the new things that you discover and learn. You are a collector, pet lover, and excellent kiss blower. Your favorite teams are the Broncos and Spartans but your complete allegiance lies with the Little Einsteins. They really are "your team"! You love to sing and are mastering the alphabet more and more each day. You manage to turn heads and touch the hearts of nearly every person you meet. God shines through your eyes when you smile.

It's funny that while three years really isn't a long amount of time, it feels like you have been part of our hearts for an eternity. God had a plan for you to be in our lives! We love you so much and know that you will continue to grow into a smart, thoughtful, kind, young girl.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Sofia! We love you!

P.S. We decided that, as a princess, you deserved a castle! We hope you have fun!


Granmary said...

Happy Birthday Sofia! Won't you have fun playing in your very cute castle! We wish we could watch you open your presents and blow out your candles. We hope you have a WONDERDFUL day and will talk to you tomorrow. Your Aunt Lindsey, Grandma Kate, GPa and I put birthday money in the College Fund this week. Hugs and kisses to you, sweetie.

Kate D said...

Happy birthday, Sofia! What a fun castle and pretty presents!

Wow, Megs, happy 3rd anniversary of being a mom! I think we can all agree, you're pretty darn successful at it! What a sweet, smart girl you have!

love you all!

Debbie said...

It's a blessing to have you in our lives, Sofia. We love you,
Grandma and Big Grandpa Brian

Anonymous said...

What a Joy to wake up hearing your sweet voice this morning as you had breakfast with your loving Daddio.
I was so pleased to hear your response to Daddy's"What are we doing Sunday" and you said CHURCH.
The other answer was Zoo,Tells a lot of your upbringing

Anonymous said...

Back for another look at the pictures but what is behind her feet on the first photo???
A boat??? Enjoying it all!!

Nain (gkt)

Anonymous said...

Am I a crappy aunt because I didn't put any money in a college fund??? I hope not....I hope Sofia enjoyed her book! Love you guys.