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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Best. Story. Ever.

It's no secret that Chris and Jack-the-Cat are not the greatest of friends. In fact, I think Jack looks at Chris like a guest in his hotel. Needless to say, the other night, Jack got a little revenge on Chris....

While he and I were sitting on the couch watching TV, Jack jumped up onto the banister behind us and stretched out in his normal evening routine. Chris took a drink of ice water from the GINORMOUS broncos cup we have and placed it up on the banister as well.

And then it happened.

It was like time stopped. I heard a funny noise, like ice clinking on plastic. Just as I looked up, there was Jack, batting at the cup just above Chris's head. But it was too late. Down it went! All over Chris's head, shoulders, and back!

Chris sat there stunned while Jack just sat on the banister and stared at him. I would pay a million dollars to know what that cat was thinking!

I tried my best to not laugh, but it was waaaaaaayyyy too funny. :) After Chris warmed back up, he was laughing too.

I wonder if this is Part 1 in determining who the "man of the house" is ? The saga will continue, I'm sure.


Andrea said...

That's so funny! Jack is certainly a crazy cat!

Anonymous said...

I'd say the cat won! sorry buddy beter luck next time. Penni

GPA said...

Jack is treading on soft ice! Meg, make sure the door is closed on the patio - never know what Chris might come up with!

Anonymous said...

I can remember Chris pestering Jack throughout his kitten years- probably some pent up frustration from him finally getting out! :)