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Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Inaugural Guest Column

Greetings Blog-readers!

This is Andrea writing here...Meg's friend for years and years :) This weekend I was lucky enough to grab a flight from Detroit to Denver to visit my friends Meghan, Chris, and Sofia. We had lots of fun spending time together - just like old times. This is my first trip out to Denver, therefore, my first time seeing their beautiful home and the town they live in. It is SO beautiful! I feel like they live in a magazine - it's picture perfect. From the stunning, colorful homes in their neighborhood, to the little town center a short distance away- Meg & Chris (and Sofia!) have made a new home in a wonderful place.

Also, with this trip, I got to enjoy Sofia longer than I ever have before. She is such a sweet baby and I loved spending the weekend with her. I think she still has no idea who I am or why I've moved in for the weekend - but I gave her a bottle and tickled her toes - so, we're friends. :) Though Sofia is a very good girl with minimal fussing, I still am amazed at how her parents are with her. They are both so patient and loving through her dirty diaper changes, her little whining fits, and crack of dawn wakings. I have heard my share of cutsie, baby sounds from both Meg and Chris and lots of sing songy voices. Wish I could record that and take it with me.

Anyways, in a few hours, I will be headed back home... I am sad to leave them - it has been a great time for reconnecting with my old friends and I look forward to the next time we can spend time together again. I'm already in the plans for my next trip out here! (And I s'pose I'll even bring hubby next time ;) )

Here are some pics from the weekend.....

Bathtime fun. AND, Sofia learned NOT to lay on her belly in the tub. A good reminder for all of us.
Watching a very SAD Pistons game at the Tavern. Fortunately, I was in good company, so it wasn't a total bust.

I think that Chris resembles Disney/Pixar's Mr. Incredible in this pic. That would make Meghan.....ElastaGirl!

Goodbye for now! I'll be sure to check in on my next Adventure Out West.


Mom said...

What a great message, and a great idea to have your guests write the blog...... I loved it! You are so very, very lucky to have the richness of a long time friendship----Andrea, you're truly a friend of the heart. I can't wait to read David and Mary's edition when they visit soon! ( Aaaaahh, the pressure!)
Love to you all,

pickles said...

That was awesome to read! How is it that Meghan and all of her friends are such great writers?!?! I'm glad you all had such a good time together. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks tooters!


Anonymous said...

You guys all have pretty nice teeth...couldn't tell on little Soph...does she have any teeth yet?

Daddio said...

no teeth yet but they are on their way out!