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Monday, May 28, 2007

Love the Looooong Weekend!

We had a great long weekend hanging out with each other. I love our little family. :)

So, we learned our lesson with the camera. Be creative...tilt your head...we'll make sure to hold the camera the right way the next time. :)

Phew! All that playing....Time for a nap!


pickles said...

That video is great! Sofia's hair is getting so loooong too! I'm also glad that Jack could make an appearance in the last you lots.

linds said...

a whole slew of utterly embarassing baby talk words came out of my mouth after seeing this post. I wish I could hear that laugh come out of her mouth! So happy for you both!

Mom and Brian said...

Batten down the hatches and prepare yourselves----she's onto a whole new stage!! What a doll...thanks for sharing.

Love, Mom and Brian

Anonymous said...

I love the sleepy picture. Her little barrett is the cutest.

Can't wait to see you guys.
love, Andrea

Anonymous said...

When blown up to full screen, do I see water-marks for little teeth trying to come out???

She is so darling.

Watching her grow is so neat.

her Nain