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Friday, May 11, 2007

Week In Review

It isn't very often that one gets to experience a week filled with such eclectic events....
  • My best friend gave birth to a beautiful baby boy!
  • My sister interviewed for her first teaching job.
  • Sofia sat herself up from a laying down position!
  • Chris was nominated to be in charge of all of MYC's safety and OSHA requirements.
  • I had a Ramen noodle cook-off with a student using beakers and a hot plate.
  • I won the Ramen noodle cook-off resulting in a lunch and my student having to dress in a full-scale chicken costume. (picture to come)
  • I won a year-long bet with a student resulting in a tasty turtle pie to eat!
  • During a physical/chemical change lab that we were doing in class, a student ate a spoonful of sodium boraite (a.k.a. Borax) because "it looked like sugar" resulting in a phone call to poison control and an awesome stomach ache.
  • Raised over $300 with my National Junior Honor Society kids for the Holly Tornado Relief Fund by having a bake sale.

Phew! Good thing it's Friday...I'm beat!


Chris said...

What a week is right...and that is just the stuff we remembered! I love the "pop'd collar" look on Sofia. She's just keepin' it real...

aunt lindsey said...

glad to hear you guys are keeping your heads above water! Love the photo - she looks so fancy free!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

In addition to all you and Meg are nice that your company has recognized your abilities to handle OSHA etc.

Good Boy (Grandma)