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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Lesson Learned

My hubby. *sigh* He works so hard to provide for our little family. Throughout this past year, he has become particularly savvy on saving a buck or two with coupons and discounts. Tuesday night, however, my dear husband may have gone a bit too far.

Unbeknownst to me, Chris responded to a postcard on Friday that would allow us to get a free Target gift card if we answered a few survey questions. He thought, "Perfect! We shop there ALL the time for groceries." Mistake #1.

On Tuesday came the call from the company giving away the card. Chris eagerly answered all the questions (about our family water consumption) over the phone waiting for the confirmation that our card would soon be on the way. Mistake #2. This is when they pulled a fast one. The last question of the "survey": "Can we send someone to your house to do a water test?"

"Sure," Chris said. Mistake #3. The operator explained that it would be a quick test and demonstration lasting no longer than 45-50 minutes and gave him some time slots (5-6 or 8-9) to chose from. He chose 8 p.m. for the tester to come by.....and forgot to tell me. Mistake #4.

Let's make what turned out to be an INCREDIBLY LONG evening short. The "tester" turned out to be a sales person for a water softener company. The product itself was amazing. Our ability to get her to leave and understand that we had no money to spend was not. At 11:07, I finally turned out the porch light and locked the door.

Now, after sitting through a two-and-a-half-hour sales pitch, most couples receive a free or greatly reduced stay at a luxury resort. My husband got me a $20 gift card. God I love him.


Anonymous said...

Meg and Chris,
We too have experienced that water softner person who simply would not stop talking and we had to run him off. I can't remember having to do that very often. We had helped another couple by "inviting" the sales person into our home for that "presentation". I can sympathize with both of you. Aren't lessons learned in life so interesting? We enjoy so much the pictures and info that you provide us. I especially enjoyed the picture of you and Sofia on Mother's Day. Congratulations and belated wishes.
Aunt Connie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip - say no to the water people. Colorado has high quality water anyway.

Mom said...

The nicest man I've ever known in my life ( Grandpa Johnson) became an absolute snarling pit bull when he met up with sales people like that! :) I'm sorry that happened, Meg and Chris, but at least you got out of it without signing anything, and you'll be tougher next time! By the way, I've got this time-share in Florida.....

Love, Mom

cyndi & lee said...

This was one of the funniest posts yet and that's because I can totally relate. While Lee & I haven't been in that exact situation, we've come close and I can see it happening. Thanks for the tip but sorry you had to suffer through it!