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Saturday, March 22, 2008

My fair lady...

Sofia sure is growing up fast. She looks like a little woman in this top picture. She is on the tail end of another ear infection. She is going to see an ear specialist in about 7 weeks. Tomorrow is Easter and we are very excited for Sofia and her new dress from Grandma Debbie and Grandma Mary. Tonight we are going to color some eggs and get ready for Easter dinner here at our house with friends. Easter pictures will surely follow, but it has been a while since we posted so more Sofia pictures. Enjoy.
About the last time she was able to fit into these shoes
Hold that pose, give me some attitude!
What a shovel for that mac'-n-quesso?

What girl doesn't like to play dress up? Last year swimsuit definitely does not fit.
Wonder where she found it?
Let's dance! Cha Cha Cha...Future marching band symbol player. Just what every parents wishes for...

Sofia and Meg at the largest St. Patrick's Day parade west of the Mississippi!
What two beautiful girls!


Andrea said...

Meg- I love your hair. It's very cute.

love you. Andrea

David & Mary said...

That girl is really growing up! Hope Easter went well - can't wait to see pictures of the ham! Miss you guys a ton!

Sara & Jeff Eklove said...

I absolutely love the first diva picture. She's gorgeous!

LindseyandJaffer said...

thanks for the update! thinking of you all often - it was great seeing you on the webcam this weekend!