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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter! (...well, a little late)

We had a blast this year for Easter. We began our day by attending the Easter service at our church and then had 10 people (and 2 babies!) over for dinner. We are so thankful for our friends who were able to attend and share in the joy that the Easter holiday brings. Enjoy the pictures! On a side note, when asked, "Did the Easter bunny come to your house today?" we had to say, "Nope...he didn't quite make it across the street" because a bunny was hit by a car next to our house! Now, how's that for irony!

Chris and I decorated eggs this year. He made most of them...and then we turned them into an awesome egg salad! Mmmmm!
Posing in her Easter dress from Grandmary and Grandma Debbie. She was a hit at church!

Sofia sat through the entire Easter service and didn't make a peep! She was content next to Daddy with her books, grapes and animal crackers.


Anonymous said...

I can hardly believe what a growing daughter you have. Her dress is simply beautiful and I can just imagine the fun that grandmothers had picking it out!!! that would be from one grandmother to another two. he!he!
Happy Easter a bit late to a wonderful family. We love you
Aunt Connie

LindseyandJaffer said...

where are the pictures of the choir?!

Anonymous said...

Chris! I can't believe you snuck a picture during church! I'm glad you did though. Such a little lady. I noticed the Sparty egg, Meg. Lindsey and I carried on the egg coloring ceremony without you guys. Proud of you for all you do to make your family traditions. He is risen!

Kate D said...

Megs, Your girls is BEAUTIFUL! Just like her momma. I want a girl to put a frilly pink dress on!
I'm glad you guys got together with so many friends. Isn't it great to start our own new holiday traditions?
Love you,

Anonymous said...

What a little darlin'!!! She is so sweet, and she looks so grown-up! So glad you had a nice time, and I"m tickled that you're singing again, Meg!
Love you,