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Monday, March 17, 2008

The Dollars and Sense of Friendship

One of the things that I have always cherished about my relationship with all of my parents is how well they model the importance of friendship. It is from watching them that I feel I have been able to establish bonds with women in my life that will withstand anything. I remember being about 10 and listening to my mom talk to her friend Carol. They had met their first year of teaching in the, ah hem, mid-70's. While my sister and I played, they talked about how neat it was to still be friends and now, be friends with children growing up (semi) together. Carol has two kids: Andrew and Amanda. Both have gone on to be incredibly successful individuals. How do I know this? Mom and Carol still remain the best of friends and are constantly updating all of the kids on life's happenings.

Just recently, I got an email from Mom about Amanda. She now lives in New York with her husband and child and works as a psychologist who's practice specializes in financial wellness. Her primary clientele is made up of young artists and actors with a variable income. Her practice has become such a success that she has been quoted recently in the New York Times and has been writing articles on She also writes a daily blog called The Good, The Bad, and the Money.

While her focus is mostly on clients with a variable income, in reading some of her posts and articles, I found that she touched on many of the issues that young couples and twenty-somethings face on a daily basis. Check out her site! It is really well done and could definitely shed some light on those in need of a little financial wisdom!


Anonymous said...

How cool that you spread the word, honey! You can be sure Carol is one of my favorite people in the world, and I'm really proud of her strength, and the strength of young women like you!
Love you......and oh yeah---it was really the LATE 70's! :-)


Amanda Clayman said...

Wow, I am so touched that you mentioned my blog! I am deeply passionate about my work and it means a lot to hear that my writing resonated with you.

I second your thoughts on our moms' amazing friendship. What a great example of strong women who support each other through all that life throws at them. I always love to see your mom and hear updates about your family. I have visited your blog a few times, too, to get the updates myself!

All the best to you and yours!

- Amanda

David said...

True friends are friends that share unconditional love. If you can have just one of those in your life you are very fortunate. I have been blessed with several and I feel extremely fortunate.

Anonymous said...

Friendships are priceless and so interesting to observe. Thank you for sharing with us how very important they are to you. I also appreciate the great blog information. I will mention it to family members as well.
Aunt Connie