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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Almost the happiest day of my life...

1.) The day Sofia Kathleen Daniel was born
2.) The day I married my best friend
3.) Today...(see below)
4.) The day I found $300 in my dresser drawer 5 months after I thought I lost it
5.) The day I moved back to Colorado and saw the Rocky Mountains
6.) The day I bought my first house and became officially poor
7.) The day I graduated college and had to grow up...

I'll stop there. Seven is a good number, actually the best number. This week my neighboor told me if I got her a football by Wednesday night, she would get it signed by the almighty Denver Bronco great himself, John Elway. Christina works in public relations for the V.A. and was hosting an event at a local hospital. She pulled a few strings and I got what all little boys here in Broncos Country dream of. This will join my collection of John Elway Superbowl football cards and the 1"x1" piece of "game worn" football pants mounted with a glass etched picture memorabilia.


Anonymous said...

I've got a signed Jay Novacek ball I'll trade you for it...?

Anonymous said...

Would a snapshot of me with Viking Bill Brown work for a trade? gkt

cyndi & lee said...

Congratulations! We saw Elway last summer in Tahoe at the Celebrity Golf Classic tournament and he wasn't signing autographs for anyone!

Anonymous said...

Dude I've got a David Copperfield signed poster and some game chewed Sammy Sosa bubble gum for that ball...I need that so I can trade it for a walter payton ball or anyone else on the greatest team in the world DA BEARS... have fun with your new ball Chris glad to see it means more to you then me!
Easily Penni

Dad & Mom said...

You better lock this up! This blog message is almost the best you ever did! I love the "Almost the happiest day of my life"! I can just see this displayed this fall during the games! You might as well just go ahead and bite the bullet now - BUY those season tickets!! (Meg, I really didn't mean that!!) Will you let me touch the football when we come out in June? Dad
Meg, do you think that your downstairs neighbor is ready to move out? At this rate, Chris' Broncos paraphernalia (had to look it up!) will soon fill another house. Best to just give in and annex the downstairs, since there aren't any basements. Maybe Pottery Barn has ways to display all the bobbleheads.