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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Why We Teach

Last week was not an easy week to be a teacher. Feeling incredibly down on Tuesday morning in light of the Virginia Tech tragedy, I found an envelope on my desk when I arrived to school. Inside was a letter from a former student of mine. The letter brought me to tears as it helped me to remember that even on the most difficult days we, as teachers, do make a difference.

Here is what it said (with the student's name changed, of course):

Dear Mrs. Daniel,
You know me. It's Joe. I'm going to high school now. I am 15 now and living my life as usual. Nothing has really changed for me. I will never change and you know this.

I am writing this letter to you because I have to. But what is this about you say? Well, I have to write this to you because you are one of the teachers that I liked the most throughout my whole life of going to school. That says a lot. You always looked out for me and believed in me and never let me fail. You pushed me when I needed it the most eventhough I didn't want to do anything. You were always there for me and you always will be!

You should know by now that you have inspired me to work harder than I have before. I am actually doing my work now (all of it). I'm bringing grades that were F's up to C+'s. I listen to most of my teachers but some of them just get on my nerves but yet the work still gets done.

How has your life been since we all left? What did you name your baby? I bet you have been having fun with her. Anything new happen that I don't know about?

I hope you and your new family have a wonderful life together and I will be seeing more of you in the future.



cyndi & lee said...

Thanks for sharing that message. I think all too often we forget about the good we have done and the change we have inspired in others. It sounds like that reminder couldn't have come at a better time!

pickles said...


that letter doesn't suprise me at all. you are an amazing teacher. i hope i can reach my students like you:)

love you

Skimmilk99 said...


Teachers need those kinds of reassurances every day! I know from hearing from my dad, mom and now sister how hard it is being a teacher... right now I am teaching a basic law class in a local high school and it's tough! I can't imagine doing it every day, ALL day! You amaze me.

Give that little girl a squeeze.


Mom and Brian said...

Meg, I know that student is speaking on behalf of many of your do touch their hearts as well as their ninds. We are VERY proud of the person you are!
Mom and Brian

Kim said...

I hope that I can have that same impact on my students next year! Keep up the good work. I'm sure it's not easy most of the time, but it sounds like the kids need you.