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Monday, November 21, 2005

Moment of Truth/Broncos Stampede

In a moment of insanity this past August, I came up with the "brilliant" idea to take 97 eighth graders on a field trip. Monday morning, 97 students and 12 chaperones are all going to board buses for downtown Denver to go to the Grossology exhibit. While it is a FANTASTIC exhibit and a super-fun way to kick off our next unit (human anatomy), I am totally freaking out. I have gone off the deep end as far as being organized. My money and permission slip collection was borderline OCD and my methods for identifying which kids belong to which group is clearly batty...the kids will all be wearing flourescent colored sticky badges with an organ system name on it. Totally dorky, I know.

Here are my fears:
1- Lose a child.
2- Child destroys or breaks part of exhibit.
3- Child pukes during Human Body IMAX or while walking through or smelling exhibit.
4- Parent chaperones don't show up.
5- Children steal my crutches during lunch.

Thank GOD Thanksgiving Break is only 2 days away.

In other news...

Chris and I went to the Broncos game today. We were offered two tickets in the 7th ROW of the North endzone!! The game started with Navy Seals parachuting into the stadium with red, green, and yellow smoke coming out of their heels. Very cool! We had a GREAT time and the weather was incredible. Our cheeks even got a little pink on the sunny, 65 degree day. :) Broncos showed excellent form in their first shutout in many years. Denver's offense had the ball for 42 of the 60 minutes and their defense forced fived turnovers and knocked the vomit out the Jets starting QB, literally. Let's hope they continue to do well throughout the rest of the season!

Layla had her "girl" surgery on Thursday and is doing just fine. It turned out she hadn't been spayed at all. She was in and out in a day! She clearly is much more comfortable. :)

We are heading to Minnesota on Wednesday for Thanksgiving break. Can't wait!, fireplaces, good food and SLEEPING IN!!

Speaking of eyes are getting very heavy. Time to get my sleep on.

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DD said...

Come on Thanksgiving!!! can't wait to see you guys!! Can't wait to get the update on the trip today also!!