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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

9 Degrees and Falling

Geez...two weeks since the last post! Where has the time gone? Isn't funny how quickly time can pass when we get caught up in our lives?

Anyway, Thanksgiving was really nice. We made the trek across the barren plains of Nebraska to visit Chris's side of the family in Minnesota. (Note to self: bring nose plug on next drive through NE due to extensive poo smell.) Our trip was really relaxing and filled with lots of quality family time. :)

On the job front, both Chris and I hit the ground running as soon as we got back. Between deadlines on the job site and simple machine projects to grade, before we knew it the weekend was already here!

Friday night, we drove down to Cherry Creek to look for a Christmas tree. Look = walk around makeshift tree lot and sift through trees that have been shipped into the city. We weren't finding much, but then we decided to look in the back corner. There, all by itself, was the perfect little tree for us...fully equiped with a few brown needles! Brown needles, you ask? Well, why would we buy a tree that was apparently already on it's last leg? Well, because it had like 3 inches of brown needles on about 3 branches, we got $13 off the price!! Woo hoo! Always the deal-seekers, us Daniel's. After getting it home and making a few clips here and there, we ended up with a beautiful tree! Jack and Layla are certainly pleased with all the "toys" that are hanging off of it!

Our weeks have gotten off to yet again a wild and crazy start. I have begun teaching human anatomy at school. Mispronunciations and snickers have already begun. It's amazing how hard the word "organism" is to say for 8th graders. What have I gotten myself into? I have also decided to reach back to my days of school theater and am helping with Sky Vista's first ever play. While directing isn't quite my thing, props are. I am heading up the stage crew for the play which opens next week. The play is hilarious and the kids have been doing a great job. Let's just hope that the performances in front of the entire school go smoothly and without too much embarassment. :)

Exactly 8 days of school left before break....'nuf said.


DD said...

The tree looks perfect!!!!

Anonymous said...

that's a nice looking cat. the tree isn't so bad either.