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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Random Thoughts and Moments

Last night I took some NyQuil to help with my cold and slept through Chris getting ready, him leaving AND THEN my alarm clock! This got my day off to a rockin' start when I finally woke up 5 minutes AFTER I was supposed to leave!

My sister is grown up. Tonight she had her first night of Parent-Teacher Conferences for her first grade class. She is a fantastic teacher, so I'm sure that all the parents loved her. :)

Lightrail maps are TOTALLY confusing! It took me nearly 30 minutes to figure out what route to take on Thursday when I need a quick way to make it downtown during rush hour. Seriously...I have a Master's Degree!

Sofia has lost her voice! She and I have been trading a cold back and forth for nearly 4 weeks and today, her sweet little voice gave out. We feel so bad. :(

I was asked to pose for a science poster today. Yes, I am THAT dorky. Wearing a tie-dyed lab coat, I had a picture taken of me to be made into a life-size poster which will be displayed at the National Science Teachers Association National Conference in Denver this week. A bubble will be placed above my head saying, "Need help? Ask me!" (incinuating the obnoxious lab coat.)

Some of my students happened to be nearby when I was asked to have the picture taken. They told me to remove my glasses because I looked just a little TOO dorky with both the lab coat and the glasses. Gosh, I love my students.

Did I mention there will be THOUSANDS of people at this conference? So dorky... so dorky. Maybe I should take a picture with my picture??

Teenagers have a hard time listening. Yesterday, I had my students chose a number between 1 and 7 for a project they are doing. As I walked around the room, overwhelming, the number the kids chose was 13. What? Since when did 13 fall in between 1 and 7?

Jack is insanely flexible. Right now, he is sitting on the floor with one leg behind his ear, just hangin' out. Man, that would be cool.

My husband is so sweet with our daughter. Watching him put Sofia down to sleep tonight made my heart melt....

Alrighty, that's about it for now. I'm sure I provided a much larger window into my brain than was necessary, but my fingers sometimes type faster than I can control.

More soon. No NyQuil for me tonight.


cyndi & lee said...

I love your random thoughts! Makes me feel just a bit more normal -- thank you!!

I have just one piece of advice regarding your poster...make sure it's destroyed once the conference is over (after you've had your picture take with it, of course!) Either that or make sure you're able to take possession of it so you can hide it away until you want to relive the memory. Believe me, I speak from experience...years ago when I was working at the front desk at Harrah's in Tahoe they did a "photo shoot" for a poster to hang in wardrobe. It was to show how you should look prior to taking your post at any of the front line positions. The girl they'd asked from the front desk called in sick so they had me "fill in" for her. The picture was blown up into a full fledged poster and hung by the door in the wardrobe department. This picture hung there for years, long after the flowered print polyester uniforms were gone from the front desk. Countless numbers of people saw that picture (everyone on property that had to wear a uniform passed through that hallway twice a day, five days a week!) Needless to say, long after that nasty uniform was laid to rest, people continued to mention that poster to me. The comment I seemed to get the most (other than how horrendous the uniform was) was "wow - you've really lost A LOT of weight since that picture was taken!" The thing was, I hadn't. That's how much weight the camera put on me and that's why I'm suggesting to you to either destroy it or take it and run! The good news is that technology has improved a ton in the past 10-15 years so I hope your poster is much better than mine!!

Christie said...

Meg - you MUST take a picture with your picture! Hi-LAR-ious!!!!! Hey - maybe you should wear those glasses we had at the 829 house, of which Tanya reminded me of them recently. That would make the picture priceless! I can't wait to see you guys soon - the trip is still on!!!!!

Mom said...

Love the picture and the brief sketches of what's going on in your mind.....Hope your cold is lots better soon! The poster is great---you've got to keep a copy, okay? Enjoy the conference!

GPA said...

I had a tee shirt that looked just like that in college - my hair was a little longer than what you are wearing and it was much wavier! I'm lucky I made it through those years!

Anonymous said...

As to grandpa's post, you should've seen him during those years with that long wavy hair. I almost fainted the first time I saw him because it was TOTALLLLLLy opposite of him, especially today in his grandpa role. Just had to share that thought. We just love reading your thoughts and thinks that the lab coat is great. We will be anxious to hear about how well the conference went and we will think of you as you get better.
Aunt Connie