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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Big Changes

It always strikes me how life changes seem to take place in clumps. It's as if the heavens decide that lots of change all at once is easier to deal with than a constant stream of change. Either way, change struck us this week.

After several months of discussion and growing pains, we made a decision in early January to sell our house. We found a great realty husband/wife team who guided us through the process. Friday, our home went on the market officially. It was odd to drive up to our house at the end of the day knowing that this will soon (hopefully) be someone else's house. Regardless, the idea of a yard and more space is beyond enticing and makes the process all the more bearable. We will be sure to keep you updated on the progress of the sale.

This weekend marked the official usage of sippy-cups ONLY! Bottles are out! Surprisingly, Sofia has done really well. She hasn't acted out or wondered around aimlessly, with the "where is my bottle" look and whine. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a smooth transition!

Today, perhaps was the day that I was most struck by all the change in our lives. The weather was GORGEOUS so we decided to take a walk as a family. We got about a block away from our house when I realized that we didn't have the stroller with us. All THREE of us were walking! Sofia was as happy as can be and seemed delighted at the freedom that came with walking on her own and chasing Layla down the sidewalk. All of a sudden she seemed so grown up!

Change is inevitable. Watching our daughter grow each day is the most amazing change of all. Love to you all.

This coyote walked right out in front of our house today! He seems to have made a home in the under-construction park across the street!


Dad and Mom said...

We know this time of change is an emotional time for you both. Leaning on each other makes you stronger as a couple. Taking the family walk must have reinforced your desire to have more outdoor play space for your growing girl. I wonder what Layla thought of the coyote. It is strange not to see any snow when we are buried and the pipe to our master bath shower froze. :>(
XXOX, Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

You two are maneuvering through lots of decision-making and choices together, and I know you're learning how to depend on each other through it all. Happy 10th Valentines Day together!
Mom and Brian

LindseyandJaffer said...

Wow! Had no idea you were actually gonna put the house up for sale! I will be keeping you in my thoughts and hope for a speedy sale!