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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Boy, are my arms tired!

As I sit here and type, Sofia is wobbly wondering around the living room. In her princess pajamas from Yia Yia Rose, she holds on tight to her "bear bear" and smiles through her tired eyes. It's only 10:45 a.m., but we've almost put in a full day already. Though she whines here and there, she is in a general good mood...that is as long as "Little Einstein's" is in full action on TV.


A few weeks ago we were so lucky to have my sister, Kristen and my brother, Walker come out to visit for an entire week. I almost did a double-take when Walker came up the escalator at the airport. I hardly recognized him, he had gotten so tall! We had a great week filled with crafts, swimming, hot dogs, Manwich and bike rides. One of the greatest parts about the week was seeing how much my sister has turned into such an amazing woman. She has just finished her first year of teaching, is training for a marathon, has become an avid reader, is dating a great guy and has really grown in her faith with God. I still remember the days that she and I used to have "knee races" down our Aunt Miriam's double hallway. While those days seem like just yesterday, I am so pleased to see her becoming so successful. :)

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GPA said...

It was good to have you two in Grand Rapids - that was a lot of fun. Sofia is a water bug!