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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Couch Chronicles

Shortly after my last post, I was placed on bedrest. The first week was beyond fantastic; reading books I hadn't had time to read, catching up on missed favorite tv shows, napping. It was like I was getting paid to be on vacation! Unfortunately, the novelty of my medically-induced vacation was short lived. I quickly realized that being forced to put my feet up on the couch all day was not at all what it was cracked up to be. With Chris working nights, we had little time with one another and as a family. My one outing of the day consisted of driving Sofia to daycare. And, to top it all off, all three of us came down with one of the nastiest cold/flus that had come through our house in years. Oh yeah, and did I mention I was continuing to have contractions every 15-20 minutes? We were in rough shape to say the least.

Thus, no motivation to communicate much via the blog. What was I going to talk about anyway?

So here we are, nearly 6 weeks later. Bedrest has worked and the baby is still cookin' away. I am officially 37 weeks and 5 days -- a "medical marvel" as my OB put it a few weeks ago. The nice thing is that I am not confined to the couch 100% anymore since I am officially full term. And, to say the least, I am in a much better mental state. Where am I now, you ask?

Get. This. Child. Out. Of. Me...and being as patient as possible! :)

Here's a glimpse into the last month. Sofia is a sweetheart. Our moms are incredible. My husband is the love of my life. I'm getting bigger by the minute.

Stirring like a champ!

Baking with Mom on our "Special Sofia & Mommy Day"

Rockies game for Father's Day

Cleaning with Grandma

Baking with GranMary

36 Weeks
Our 6th Anniversary!

Hugging her future brother. :) Sofia is going to be such an amazing big sister!

I promise to do a much better job of keeping things up to date from now on. :)


Andrea said...

I sure hope so because we are going to be wanting to see LOTS of pictures of this little guy! You are doing amazingly. Love and prayers headed your way for comfort and peace :) Love you!!!

Debbie said...

So good to see everything together in a sequence, honey! Your anniversary picture is beautiful!
Love you every day, and see you again soon,

Daddio said...

Love the new look babe!