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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nico at almost two weeks!

Meg is doing great and healing well. Nico is sleeping like it's the only thing he knows to do, oh wait. Sofia is loving her new role as big sister. Grandma Debbie has been here this week as I finally decided to go back to work after 11 days off thanks to the holiday weekend and some vacation. Being a stay at home dad rocked! Two kids are a handful and we sure have been busy. We are trying to keep a lot of focus on Sofia and I think we have been doing pretty good.

Nice outfit big guy. Your Great Grandma Katie made this outfit for your dad when he was a week old!

What? You just woke up!!!

Is that Blue Steel or are you unraveling the mysteries of the universe?

Even Sofia is getting into camera mode! She is still working on centering but her subjects are great!

Layla is so trusting...

What a ham...

Man, Sofia looks like a 12yr old next to Nico!


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh he looks so much different already!! Thanks for sharing the photos - it helps us all to feel a part of it all. Love to all four of you and let's skype this weekend now that I think i have it working on the other computer!

Aunt Lindsey

Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures. Grandma Debbie looks like she is having fun and I am sure she needs some Geritol. LOL Only us grandmas REALLY understand. Agree? He is just so cute. Hard to believe that 2 weeks have gone by already!!! I know Sophia is a great sister already and it will get even better!!!!
Aunt Connie

Anonymous said...

I thought the blue ribbon outfit looked familiar and I was pleased that he is able to use it. The difference in size, in Debby's arms, between Sofia and Nico is amazing.

got tickets today to come and squeeze them both in Mi,with love left over for both of you!

Grandma Katie said...

I thought the Blue Ribbon winner outfit looked familiar and you confirmed that. How pleased I am that he can use his Daddio's outfit. Nurses had recommended doll clothes for you......fat chance the day after Christmas.

That picture of Debby with the 2 children is something!!! Love!!

Got tickets ordered todayfor Mi flight to get some loving time.

thanks for showing us all the pics.


Anonymous said...

nice snaps and good to see you have forgotten about the animal either!

Anonymous said...

Meg,congratulations to you and your family on your precious new addition,Nico. Enjoy!


GPA said...

Great pictures and he looks so good! I'm glad you finally put something on the blog because this is where I go to catch up. Can't wait to see everyone in August! It will be fun!