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Friday, July 01, 2005

Simple Pleasures

Have you ever noticed how easy it can be to please people sometimes? Here's a for instance for ya:

Each morning, I drag myself out of my super-comfy bed to inhale airborne caffeine and with a smile ask over and over again, "Good morning! How are you today? The regular?" Usually the customer grunts, yawns, or has a major throat-clearing session before answering "Yes" and handing over their $3.51 and Frequent Fluid Card.

After this point in the transaction, there are either two reasons that a person will smile:
1) They are walking out the door and have taken a few sips of their much needed morning caffeine; OR

2) They have earned a free coffee!

Now, usually the latter of the two will result in the greatest mood shift, but let's be honest here, who's wouldn't be altered at the news of a free coffee? It would certainly make my day!

We leave early tomorrow morning for a camping trip to Lake Macconahey in Nebraska (yes, Nebraska). We are going with a group of midwesterners we have become friends with and needed a good dose of some waves! Happy 4th of July and have a safe and wonderful weekend!


dd said...

I hope your camping trip was a lot of fun!! Mary and I are having a great week-end - golf, movie,dinners - it has just been fun!!!

ACook said...

We also spent the weekend camping. Great fun! No bear attacks-so that was good.

TONY said...

It is thrifty to prepare today for the wants of tomorrow.

Angie said...

Hey cus,

Well, I hope your camping trip went very well! How fun! I spent time with friends and trekked downtown for the fabulous GR fireworks, but got rained on! :-( So, no fireworks this year! Glad to see everything is going so well!