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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Latest

Hi Friends and Fam. Meg here. I just got home from touring my new school tonight. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Every single detail that could have been thought of for this building was - and then some! I feel so lucky. When I got to see my room I started to cry. I suddenly felt incredibly overwhelmed by it all - the building, the job, the idea that I will be IN CHARGE OF several eager-minded children, and that it was all going to happen VERY SOON. The tour of the building and picnic to follow was meant to be a family evening for the staff to have a chance to mingle with the significant others of those we will be working with, but Chris couldn't come. Unfortunately, he was unable to leave work at his normal time due to extenuating circumstances on the site today. I was sad. He would have loved going on the tour - especially because there was still a lot of stuff unfinished and he could have really taken a look at things from the construction engineering point of view! Luckily, one of my team teachers, Lee-Ann, was there by herself as well because her fiance was also working late. It was nice to have a buddy to chat with and talk about the upcoming year.

Since my test has been finished (it went very well, by the way), I have been able to let my mind wonder a bit and it has felt great. Things I have been thinking about...

1) I want a dog! Really bad! We dogsat this past weekend for friends of ours and it made me realize just how much I miss having a dog around. I love their energy, devotion, and curiosity. They are such amazing creatures. Keep your fingers crossed that I can talk Chris into this one! ;)

2) I recently found out that my cousin, Stacy and her husband, are going to have their first baby! What an exciting time!! As Chris and I get older, it is weird to think that this is the next stage that we, our friends, and our family will be entering! At the same time, it is such a wonderful and natural part of our growth as couples. Congrats to Stacy and Alex!

3) I love Denver. I miss my parents and their hugs. Can you send me some in the mail? My mom and I used to always celebrate special occasions with a glass of Vouvray. I bought a bottle tonight at the special wine shop across the street to celebrate seeing Sky Vista. I'll save a glass for you when you come to visit in September, Mom.

4) Chris and I ate our wedding cake-topper this weekend. How on Earth did it manage to taste just as good as it did on our wedding day? It simply amazed me! :)

5) I need some good books to read. Any suggestions?

Alright, time is ticking away and I have very little of it left before I need to head off to bed. Tomorrow will be a big day - I am submitting my application downtown to become a certified Colorado teacher! Woo hoo!

Until next time...

P.S. Don't you wish YOU could do this too? I do! Looks like waaaay too much fun!!


TKP said...

Meg and Chris,

So happy to hear you're doing well, having fun, and have had such a wonderful first year. I love reading your weblog, especially sitting thousands of miles away in an Asian internet cafe. Chris, can I see a picture of you in the boa?

DD said...

Congrads on the test!!! Sounds like your school is going to be wonderful! Books - " Who Moved My Cheese ". With all the change in your lives, this would be enjoyable for you and certainly help. If you get a dog, please don't let Chris name it " John Elway " !!!

Andrea said...

I love the picture of the cat. too cute!!!

Mary said...

So glad the cake was edible. You have no idea how tempting it was to cut a discrete inch or so off the bottom for a taste test while it sat in my freezer for almost a year, since David and I must have been busy elsewhere when the cake-cutting ceremony took place. Bon Appetit!