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Monday, June 06, 2005

No Discovery Channel Tonight

Uptown Tavern. Close, cheap, good food, and the only place around that we can watch the Pistons. Chris and I decided that to save a little money this summer, we would only purchase the cheapest cable package ($13). As a result, any sort of evening entertainment that generates from the television usually has to come by way of DVD or watching animals chase after one another on the Discovery Channel. Don't get me wrong - we love the Discovery Channel, but we all need some guilty pleasures every once in a while. So, in order to support our beloved red and blue, we trek our way the three blocks to the Tavern. This series has been particularly exciting as the Pistons were seeminly neck and neck with the Miami Heat. Tons of fun to watch and totally weird being a couple of the only people in the place who care when the team from Michigan did something good. Hey, at least we're loyal. Congrats to the Pistons as they moved onto the National Finals tonight!


Lindsey K said...

I love it! When I was in VA a couple weeks ago, I was seated near some Miami fans... so you know me and my mouth - we had some comments (good natured) flying back and forth. When they finally asked if I was from Detroit and I said yes... the looks on their faces was priceless. That's right, you don't mess with the D! And if you look closely - some of the 'stones (as they are called here) do resemble some street thugs. ha!

DD said...

Pistons will take it in five games!! Wallace will scare them with his hairdo!!!

MWD said...

What are you all talking about??? :>)