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Monday, June 27, 2005

G & G Weltsch

Hello again friends and family,
I just wanted to ask all of you for a little help. My grandpa, Clint, is getting a new pace-maker this Thursday, in hopes to correct his irregular heart beat and strengthen his arteries. This "new equipment" will have a built-in defibulator and wires that wrap around his arteries that will electrically stimulate them to aid in pumping blood when needed. He has had issues for many years and this will definately aid in increasing his quality and comfort of life. My grandma, Katie, is also dealing with an irregular heart beat and is on medication and goes for regular checkups. I just ask that you keep them both in your thoughts and prayers as they work diligently towards improving their health. I hope with your thoughts and prayers, his stength, and God's will, my grandpa remains calm during his surgery and positive during his recovery. I know the same will help my grandma with her heart and give her strength to aid grandpa in his recovery. Thank you all for keeping them in your mind and heart and thinking of your loved ones in times of need and the power of prayer.


DD said...

Meghan, that is wonderful that you are doing this. I'll add some more prayers. You are a very caring individual.

Mary said...

Sweet. Love the pics.
P.S. Actually, it was Chris.

Anonymous said...

If that won't heal a aching heart, nothing will.

Thank you for your caring and loving thoughts.

We always pray for you too and want the best for you and Meg.