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Monday, June 06, 2005

Bobs, BBQ's and Broncos

What an eventful few days!

On Thursday night, Chris informed me that we had been invited to a barbeque at the house of the superintendent he works with the next night. Sounded fun - lots of food, beer, more food, and kids. Friday afternoon rolled around and Denver was experiencing one of it's worst storms in years complete with tornado sirens! What to do?!?! Do we brave the flash floods and torrential rain? Never fear, Suzy Saturn is here! So, with Chris's famous asparagus recipe in hand, we headed north to John Sullivan's house. It turned out to be a great evening with lots of laughs and new friendships. Hopefully we will be able to make weekend barbeques a ritual throughout the summer.

On Friday, I also went through with what most girls and women dread - my first trip to a new hair salon! I know, you can hear the horror music and the screams in the background! It turned out to be fine, but we had to cut a lot of my hair off so that I can grow it out evenly. It turns out I have this random patch of hair that grows at hyper speed and it gave me an oh-so-attractive mullet! Yikes! So, Andee, my new hairdresser, gave me a cute, summertime bob. No more ponytails for a while!

On Saturday, Chris and I went to Invesco Field for THE ENTIRE DAY to take part in Bronco Fan Fair! We had a great time! While there were large portions of the day where we waited in line, it turned out to be a lot of fun. We played Bronco BINGO with two linemen reading off the numbers, attended a question and answer session with the 2005 draft class (Maurice Claurett from Ohio State is the big name this year), went shopping (my favorite!) in the official team store and even got quite a few autographs from players. The big event was getting my Ashleigh Lilee jersy signed (That triumph goes to Chris)! So now, not only will I be an official Broncos fan with a jersey, but a SIGNED jersy at that! And who said I couldn't pull the ultimate wife duty? We finished our day hanging out with our neighbors playing racko (super fun!) and drinking cheap wine.

Today, Chris and I just relaxed. (Seems like a really long time since we have been able to do that!) We decided to go down to our pool and enjoy the much-missed daily sunshine and the 80 degree weather. The pool was packed with all sorts of Post residents with the same idea in mind as us. We laid on our chairs and listened to a variety of summertime tunes being pumped out of one of the residents windows who overlooked the pool courtyard. Totally what the doctor ordered for a Sunday. I am definitely not going to have a difficult time getting used to that! :) I officially have weekend plans the rest of the summer!!

One last thing...I have gotten word of late that several of my teacher-friends from Aquinas are making successful strides toward their careers! Two are going to Nigeria to teach, two to Florida, and one beat all odds and landed a job in her hometown in Michigan! Congrats to you all!!

Time to go...the sun has won this round.


DD said...

You two are having the time of your life! These are so much fun to read.

MWD said...

Chris, you'll never guess what recipe was in the GR Press this week -Asparagus rafts: grilled aparagus wrapped in proscuitto! I cannot believe it. It's in the mail.