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Monday, June 27, 2005

One year already? Feels like a few months!

Hey there friends and family! It's Chris here actually dropping a message to you all. Meg and I had a great weekend dogsitting with Jake the 13 month, 90lb Chocolate lab (he is very fit and just big). He hops around all the time like a little guy. Playing with Jake is really giving Meg the itch for a dog. I guess it is better than a baby itch and it will put the new couch itch on the back burner.
We woke early on Saturday (6:30am!) so Meg could finish studying for her Colorado Certification Exam. When she was off to ace the test, I took Jake for a walk, got flowers for my better half, and washed Donna Dakota squeaky clean. When Meg got back from taking the test, she was really confident because she randomly received the same version as last time. With all that work, we were both glad to take a nap. The dinner on Saturday was great! We went to a fondu reasturant called The Melting Pot. It was a slow-paced, flavorful, romantic dinner with great company (my beautiful wife of one year). I'll spare you the dinner details as Meg is much better with words on this blog thing.
On Sunday we took Jake on a long walk towards Blockbuster so we could finally watch the last episode of "24" -2nd Season. We can thank Kamran and Nicole for getting hooked onto "What will Jack Bower do next?" As we got closer to Colfax, a few blocks south, we saw a large gathering and remembered it was the Denver Gay Pride Parade was taking place. It was quite the site and we were glad to celebrate diversity. We saw lots of shirtless, cross-dressing men dancing to lively music. One of the most outragous outfits was a man dressed in only leather chaps and a pink banana hammock with black lether biker hat. The really funny thing was that he was about 5'9" and 125 lbs - and that was soaking wet. We also saw a man dressed in a pink dress on the back of a convertible, with a pink boa. While this was not an unusual site, the boa continue behind him for another 50' off each sholder and was carried by about 15 helpers. Definitely larger than the pink boa I had to wear at the bar for my bachelor party, thanks Shane (a whole other story no one will ever hear).
Well it was fun sharing and I hope everyone is doing well. I look forward to reading your comments.


DD said...

I'm glad you're accepting the diversity - itis part of our world today. Glad the Dakota is clean and hopefully running well so it lasts a few more years. I know it is tough to make that spend a priority, but certainly a need. I MUST hear about your encounter with the Boa!

Mary said...

Happy Anniversary you two!