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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Visit To Remember

It is hard to believe that it has been almost a week since our last post! Don't worry - we have been filling our time with lots of activities to fill you all in on! :) Last Wednesday night, our friends, Marissa and Brian arrived for a visit from Michigan. We love having visitors and it is so much fun being able to share our new life with them. Here's a quick recap of their awesome visit:

On Thursday, Marissa, Brian and I ventured out to the pool to catch some rays. After about an hour, the sky started to cloud over and so we decided to go grab some lunch. We had lunch at this great place in our neighborhood called Chedd's. It is owned by a guy from Wisconsin and they make the BEST grilled cheese sandwiches! With 30 different cheeses to choose from and about 15 different breads, any person would be in cheese heaven after lunch there. Marissa and I went down to the 16th street mall to explore this great store called ROSS (think TJ Maxx but a wider selection). With so many items under $10, Marissa and I entered the fitting room with about 15 items each to which the attendent muttered, "Mammamia!" Way too much fun.

Brian hit a double whammy coming to visit. His cousin Kurt, wife Amy, and their daughter Avery live about 10 minutes from our place. Kurt is extremely involved in athletics and invited Brian to play a game with his softball team that night. We went and the team got two innings in before the game was called off due to lightening. No problem! The Pistons were on and there was a local sports bar just a block away. :)

Friday, Chris and I both had to work, so Marissa and Brian ran their way around the city - literally. As one who still gets winded from a few flights of stairs, I was totally impressed that they were able to run for over 3 miles after just one day in the mile high city! We all hung out and took it easy for the afternoon because we had a huge evening planned of baseball, Mexican food, and Uptown Tavern! It was definitely one of the best and most memorable nights that we have had with friends in a long time. We even got to play mini-bowling! ;)

Saturday was our super-big day and our first Colorado hike. Just outside of Boulder is a state park called Chetaquewa where the Flatirons are located. The Flatirons turned out to be more than breathtaking and an amazing experience. We took our time getting up to the top, stopping to rest in unique places where the views were stunning. It took us about 3 hours to reach the top and when we finally did, we were all taken aback by the view. The trip back down the mountainside only took about an hour, but proved to be much more physically challenging. Weird. Worn out and sore, we stopped for lunch in Boulder and made our way back to the city.

After a much needed nap, we dressed and headed back downtown to the Coors Field for the Rockies vs. Tigers game. Kurt and Amy were so gracious and got us phenomenal seats - always a boost to a game. :) The Tigers ended up winning that night, but we left a few minutes early because it started to rain...AGAIN. Dinner followed at My Brothers, a unique burger joint where the food is so good you dream about it that night. mmmm As if we hadn't done enough already that day, it was time to Karaoke! After two stops, we finally found a place that we could get in. It was fun hanging out and doing so much stuff, but we were all definitely ready for a good night's sleep after that big day!

Sunday, was spent relaxing, chatting, drinking coffee and then hanging out with Kurt and Amy at their house to watch the Pistons Game 2. Kurt made homemade lasagna, which was soooooo good. It was such a great way to end our time together.
Marissa and Brian were such awesome guests and we will always remember their time here visiting. Thanks for coming guys!

Off to watch the rest of the Game 3...

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