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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

View from my Jobsite in Longmont, CO

Hello there folks,Here are a few pics from my jobsite in Longmont, just 10min. north-east of Boulder.

Mark Young Construction is building a two-story office building for one of Longmont's biggest city developers. The first floor is a credit union and second floor is for an invesment firm, A.G. Edwards.

We are constructing the building core and shell, and we will also be doing the tenant finish for the second floor. Work started in late May and will finish in mid December.

Its a lovely view from the roof of the building. Its only about 15min to the Flatirons, which you can see in one of the pictures. These are the mountains Meg and I climbed a few months ago.

Enjoy the view, (its quite amazing in the early morning, and unfortunately I know the sunset is breathtaking as well.)


DD said...

That's cool to be able to see what you're working on!!!

Debbie and Brian said...

What a gorgeous view! We know you're working really long hours, and we're hoping you're enjoying what you're doing, and feeling like the new building will be a showplace for the people who are lucky enough to work there. How cool to leave something so beautiful when your work is done! We're proud of you!
Love, Debbie and

Anonymous said...

Shout out for Meg's B-day. H to the B!!!!! Heart - fave old roomie

Anonymous said...

that's just nifty. i thought i saw long's peak in one of those snaps.