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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Monday Night Football Victory 30-10, Broncos Route Chiefs

Dear fellow Bronco-maniacs,
I finally made did it! Meg and I went to our first Monday Night football game. It was about 55 min before kickoff when we were driving to a sports bar to watch the game, when we suddendy decided to go scalp some tickets and cheer the Broncos on in person. After buying the tickets, I felt I got scalped, but we waited until after kickoff and got the best deal possible. We were already in full Bronco atire, but had no camera, binoculars, or other goods (Meg wouldn't let me take the late 80's foam finger to the bar.) We only missed the first score (a Bronco FG) and had a great time. Meg got an orange Bronco zip-up sweatshirt and I got a new hat! The crowd was deafening loud all game long, and my team was playing with electrifying intensity and a deep hatred of KC. So much for thier unofficial #1 defence. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Sorry there are no pics, but feel free to watch the rest of the Bronco's games for live, real time pictures of Denver steamrolling other AFC west oppenents. Love and miss you all. Big-C

P.S. I have the best Bronco supporting wife ever!!!!


DD said...

I knew you wouldn't miss that game!! I'm glad you guys had a good time. Keep rolling Bronco's!!!

Anonymous said...

Broncos will roll...'til they run in to the Raiders.