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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Move Over Letterman: Chris and Meg's Top 10 List

You know you live in a big city when...

10. the Starbucks in Barnes and Noble mirrors the Starbucks across the street.

9. every person standing on a street corner is a "Veteran in need of a little help".

8. you can eat somewhere new each night for a year and never have a repeat dine.

7. you go to Hard Rock Cafe for the Twisted Mac and Chicken and not for the t-shirt.

6. there are doggy-doo baggy dispensers every 20 feet.

5. ATM's are even more frequent than baggy dispensers.

4. one can get lost for a year on one-way streets.

3. the length of your work day is determined by the best time to beat the traffic.

2. walking and biking replaces all forms of motorized transport on the weekends.

And finally, you know you live in the city when...

1. a house going for $275,000 is considered "a steal".

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DD said...

Those were good!!