Meg's (Ad)Ventures

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween! I was going to carve the Denver Broncos logo, but it really doesn't fit the holiday theme. Hope everyone is doing well and have a great and safe Halloween.


Debbie and Brian said...

We're amazed at your artistic talent! You are certainly doing a great job of keeping creatively busy while Meg is away....Are Jack and Layla scared??
Here's a Halloween joke for you: Do you know why goblins can't have any children? Because they have hollow-wienies :-)
Keep smiling---We love you!
Debbie and Brian

DD said...

You always did the best pumpkins!! Brian and I enjoyed your lobster tail yesterday - really do wish you could have been there!

Mom said...

Chris, I have no one to carve pumpkins with. Dad won't cooperate. Boo!
Funny joke, Debbie.