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Sunday, October 30, 2005

What A Week Can Do!

Well, I'm finally able to stay awake for more than about 3 hours at a time after my whirlwind vacation to Michigan. I had a GREAT time visiting and catching up with so many friends and family. It seems like just yesterday that Chris picked me up from school and we raced to the airport so I could make it through security and catch my flight. It took nearly 30 minutes for me to get through all the metal detectors due to my cool leg accessory and accoutrements to help me get around. :) It is hard to believe that fall break is just a few short hours away from being done. I didn't get home until late, Thursday afternoon due to several flight delays that lead to a 5 1/2 hour layover in Minneapolis. Had I known I was going to be in the land of 10,000 lakes for so long, I could have met Clint and Katie (Chris's grandparents) for lunch down in Redwood Falls and still made it back in time to fly out! Needless to say, I was pretty much left with just Friday to do some of the things I needed to get done around Denver.

One of the to-do items was to FINALLY register my car. So, yes, I am truly a Coloradan fully equipped with a Colorado driver's license AND license plate. A difference between MI and CO when it comes to car registration is that when you register your car here, you get your license plates immediately (yes, plateS - they go on the front and back of car here). Thus, it's a nice little deal - go to DMV, pay a ridiculous amount of money, and get plates to put on the car right away! Unfortunately, aside from paying extra to request a vanity plate, one doesn't have much choice in the numbers and letters that get put on the plate. I am, thus, an unfortunate victim of this system. Let's just put it this way...a picture is DEFINITELY worth a 1000 words in this case... See below for my new CO plate and a few pics from my MI vacation.

More soon...

I'm definitely going to get a few honks with this on my back end!

The fall colors were so beautiful!

Walker, Quinten, Kristen and I after a family dinner before I came back to CO.

Kate, Marissa and I on Friday night at the Monkey Bar. Lots of friends met there! It was soooo much fun!


Mom and Brian said...

We loved every minute of having you here! Zoe asked where you were the other day.........We told her you had to return to Jack the Cat, Layla, a bunch of spooky pumpkins and a husband who was exhibiting symptoms of massive withdrawal and depression! :-)

Love you guys.....
Mom and Brian

Mary said...

We still can't believe you were actually here. Thanks for making the long trip to GR and for coming over Wednesday night for dinner and some good conversation.

See you next month!
David and Mary

DD said...

It really was good to see you and spend some quality time. Enjoyed the conversations! Chris will now have to get a personalized license plate, "ONLY-MEG" !!!!

Anonymous said...

Kristen pictures are a special treat. She is quite pretty.

stacy said... stunts?! Are you girls too old for that now? You've got young bros to initiate into our club ; )

Miss you guys,

Anonymous said...

Oh my GOD! I saw that license plated car when I was driving down Speer blvd just the other evening! LOL.. yes, my friends and I were just amused to see that!

~ Sabrina
Denver, CO