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Monday, October 10, 2005


Yes, you read correctly...


Because of the snow, we had an hour and a half delay, so I picked up my friend Dawn on the way to work and we began our slow drive out of the city and to the plains. I was so glad that we rode together because I got to witness someone seeing a heavy snowfall for the FIRST TIME EVER! It was hilarious to watch Dawn as she noticed every little thing about how the snow changed the landscape, the way people drove, and many other sights that are often overlooked. What was most fun was talking with her about the all things that one must do now that the snow is here - everything from buying a scraper for her car to getting a winter coat. This Vegas native definitely has fun winter ahead of her!

I took out my camera phone and put it to use. The quality isn't the best, but nonetheless enjoy the pics from our first snowfall of the year!

Look! All the new little trees lost their leaves! Sad!

Dawn, this morning before school smiling as she stood in her first snowfall EVER!

Outside my building after school today. We all got to leave when the bell rang today!


ms.stark said...

WOW Meg, That's crazy! I bet it feels good to have something so familiar from home join you out in Denver. Okay, maybe not, but it looks like you were enjoying yourself :)

Mom said...

It's unbelievable!!! 90 degrees when I was there ten days ago, and now 8 inches of snow! What a wild ride, huh?
Enjoy yourselves!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

The nice thing about Denver. She'll be melted and sunny again within a few days. Much better than those dreaded Michigan winters!

y y