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Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Latest

Life in Denver continues to provide one crazy moment after another. I am very quickly realizing that my blog-posting has dwindled to a very disappointing frequency. For that, I am sorry. And so, here it is: the latest.

After Dad and Walker paid a visit, Chris and I CRASHED! It is amazing how much a 3-year-old can take out of you. We spent that weekend pretty much camped out on the living room couch with movies, popcorn and pizza. Ideal! Hiding under my favorite blanket (thanks Mary!) didn't last for long mom arrived 4 days later!

When Mom arrived, we hardly slowed down from the speed her jet flew in on. Our time together was jam-packed with dinners, a girl's night, the MSU vs. U of M game (B00), shopping (of course!) and even a visit to Sky Vista for a day. We had so much fun and it was GREAT to see her!

This past week proved to continue at the whirlwind pace of weeks previous...

Chris's job has shifted more to the estimating end of things. He is working his regular long hours, but he gets to work out of the Denver office instead of up in Longmont an hour away. He likes the change and so do our wallets since they get to take a break from all the crazy gas prices.

My 8th grade students had a week of presentations, which translates to A TON of grading. The enrichment class that I teach called Stories to Plague You (a class on investigating infectious diseases) had been researching the SARS virus and held their first Emergency Health Summit. It was hilarious! The class was divided up into delegations from around the world. Picture this: 6th, 7th and 8th graders dressed up in Kimonos, maple leaves and suit coats. It was too precious for words...I think they may have even learned a thing or too! On top of just work stuff, we also hosted a friend of ours who needed a warm heart and a shoulder to cry on.

Today, Chris and I met with a real estate broker to begin the process of entering the market to buy a house. It was super-informative and super-exciting. It was wonderful to hear the the idea of buying a house doesn't just have to be an IDEA anymore and it is something feasible for us in the very near future. Thus, for the next few months the name of the game is SAVE, SAVE, SAVE! So, please send your tax deductable donations to...hahaha. But really, if you want to...just kidding. Seriously though...wink, wink. :)

So there it is, I do hope those of you who are disappointed in not-so-frequent posts can understand why sometimes Chris and I are even too tired to make dinner. We love you all and truly do think of you often. Just think of it this way...time between posts means lots of stuff for us to fill you in on when we do!

Much love and many blessings.

P.S. Please enjoy our version of David Letterman's Top 10 List below.


DD said...

I know how busy you two are and it's just great to have you back on the blog. Meg, you have such a talent for writing!!

mwd said...

Good to hear from you. That blanket is coma-inducing, isn't it. Can't believe the early snowfall!
The first home is such a happy milestone. It's so comforting to know you have the Dave Ramsey finance tips down; once you two put your energy towards a goal you always seem to make things happen.
xxox, mwd

Mom and Brian said...

We appreciate you writing any time, and look forward to hearing about your lives....We love you lots! We're proud of both of you for setting your goals and doing such a great job of building your life together.
Love you,
Mom and Brian