Meg's (Ad)Ventures

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Monday Night Football Victory 30-10, Broncos Route Chiefs

Dear fellow Bronco-maniacs,
I finally made did it! Meg and I went to our first Monday Night football game. It was about 55 min before kickoff when we were driving to a sports bar to watch the game, when we suddendy decided to go scalp some tickets and cheer the Broncos on in person. After buying the tickets, I felt I got scalped, but we waited until after kickoff and got the best deal possible. We were already in full Bronco atire, but had no camera, binoculars, or other goods (Meg wouldn't let me take the late 80's foam finger to the bar.) We only missed the first score (a Bronco FG) and had a great time. Meg got an orange Bronco zip-up sweatshirt and I got a new hat! The crowd was deafening loud all game long, and my team was playing with electrifying intensity and a deep hatred of KC. So much for thier unofficial #1 defence. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Sorry there are no pics, but feel free to watch the rest of the Bronco's games for live, real time pictures of Denver steamrolling other AFC west oppenents. Love and miss you all. Big-C

P.S. I have the best Bronco supporting wife ever!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Back From Reality...

Wow! I can't believe that it has been nearly 3 weeks since our last post! It's quite amazing how life can just take over you, isn't it? Well, where to begin....

September has brought birthdays, settling into my new job, hiking trips, visitng family, lots of play, lots of flu bugs, and even an adventure of a missing cat. Yes, we've been busy. ;) It is hard to even think of where to begin! Let's see...

Well, I am officially in my mid-twenties. Yes, I am 25. It was funny, my students were more excited about my birthday than I was this year - cards, presents, songs. It was very cute and truly did make the dive into completing a quarter century of my life a bit easier. :) Chris was such a prince through it all and even bought me a mountain bike as a gift! It has been so much fun riding around the city and parks together. We have a few more safety items to get (helmets) before we head off to the more difficult mountain trails, but right now, sidewalks will do.

Life as a first year teacher continues to go well. It is incredibly demanding, but there is this weird fire inside of me that just makes me love every second of it. I seem to come down with some kind of bug each week, which, at times is incredibly frustrating, but I realize comes with the territory of my first job. Sky Vista has become such a unique culture and it is clear that the hard work that the entire staff is doing is paying off. :)

This past week, my dad and my little brother came to visit. We had a GREAT time. We did everything from going to the zoo, hiking at Red Rocks, and even saw some dinasaur footprints in Morrison. Chris and Dad were able to do some work on Donna Dakota to get her ready to sell. Their work proved effective as she is all ready to hit the market now! Walker and I enjoyed reading books each night and played with lots of toys. 3 year olds sure do have a lot of energy!!! Despite all the fun we had with Walker, it definitely made Chris and I realize that we aren't quite ready to have a bun in the oven yet! :)

We had a little scare last night as Jack-the-cat decided to go exploring on his own. Somehow, he snuck out of our apartment and we didn't realize he was gone for 3 hours! As we got ready to go to bed, it hit us that there weren't the usual "Jack sounds" and started to look around. It hit us that he must have gotten out. Thankfully, we found him just a few minutes later - he was hanging out in the back stairwell of our building. Needless to say, he came right to my arms and stayed there the whole night!

Alright, Sunday night is quickly coming to a close and Chris and I both have a big week ahead of us, yet again. I promise that it won't be so long inbetween posts from now on. Enjoy the photos below of Dad and Walker's visit!

Later! :)

P.S. Go Spartans!! 3-0 and with the big game coming up next weekend against University of Michigan!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

View from my Jobsite in Longmont, CO

Hello there folks,Here are a few pics from my jobsite in Longmont, just 10min. north-east of Boulder.

Mark Young Construction is building a two-story office building for one of Longmont's biggest city developers. The first floor is a credit union and second floor is for an invesment firm, A.G. Edwards.

We are constructing the building core and shell, and we will also be doing the tenant finish for the second floor. Work started in late May and will finish in mid December.

Its a lovely view from the roof of the building. Its only about 15min to the Flatirons, which you can see in one of the pictures. These are the mountains Meg and I climbed a few months ago.

Enjoy the view, (its quite amazing in the early morning, and unfortunately I know the sunset is breathtaking as well.)