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Monday, January 16, 2006

AFC Divisional Champs

The Almighty Broncos have made it to the AFC Championship Game. And thanks to the Pittsburgh Steelers for defeating the Indianapolis Colts, which brings the AFC Championship Game here to the great city of Denver. The game vs the New England Patriots was awesome. Last minute, Meg, one of my co-workers, Max, and I scored free tickets and were hosted by one of our subcontractors. We sat in some great seats! The crowd was deafening all through the game while we were on defense. It was so fun to a part of the "12th man" on the field with all of the other 75,000 people (+/- a few), mostly wearing orange and blue. Orange and blue never seem to look as glorious as when symbolizing the greatest football franchise ever. Denver capitalized on 5, count them 5, Patriot turn-overs and in the end were victorious over the two-time Superbowl Champions.

Champ Bailey had the play of the game when he intercepted a pass in the New England end zone and almost ran it back over 100 yards for a touchdown. We now look ahead to host the Steelers next Sunday, to see who will go to Superbowl XL (40). Denver must get a lot more from the offense this next game to beat this tough team. See you all in Detroit! GO BRONCOS!


cyndi & lee said...

Lee and I are so jealous! While we were watching the game, I wondered if you and Meg were there. We're so happy to hear that you were! What a great game to see!

Our Panthers are also on the Superbowl hunt...maybe we'll end up there together!

Mom said...

How exciting that the Broncos are honoring your first year in Denver! On to the Motor City!
We'll be watching Sunday......
Love, Mom

DD said...

That would be a Great Super Bowl - Broncos vs Panthers!!We could put the four of you up at our house - only two hour drive to the game!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hunker down Bronco boy! The Stillers are coming to town.