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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Caffeine's A-Pumpin'

I'm just going to come right out with it. This week stinks. I haven't felt this overwhelmed in a long while. Argh. Just to give you an idea of what I've got on my plate for the next few days give or take a week...

1) Analyze bacterial samples from school with enrichment class (Wed/Thurs).

2) Run salivary amylase and starch digestion lab with 8th graders (Thurs/Fri).

3) Finish final proposal for literacy and inquiry-based science instruction grant. (Wed)

4) Update gradebook (YESTERDAY!)

5) Call any parents whose children are not above a C. (Wed)

6) Finalize grades for end of semester (Friday BY 3:15).

7) Prep for new enrichment class on "The Science of Sleep" starting Monday.

8) Have room and equipment ready for district technology coordinator to come and observe my classroom (Friday).

9) Read articles on race relations for equity training (Friday).

10) Prep for Parallel Curriculum guru and orginiator who will observe my classroom and train (ALL NEXT WEEK!!!)

11) Shower - hmmmm

12) Sleep - After my 20th year of teaching!

13) Eat - I needed to diet anyway.

14) Be a wife and friend to my amazing husband! - Always!

Is it almost time for spring break??? Please keep me in your prayers this week. More soon...


ms.stark said...

Check your yahoo acct. for an email. I use my work acct. now, so I'm not sure if you are getting my messages or not.

cyndi & lee said...

Take a deep breath, relax and remember one of Lee's favorite sayings (he uses it all the time when I'm overwhelmed)..."you can't eat an elephant in one bite!" Just take it one step at a time and it will all work out!

We'll be thinking about you this week. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

What a gal. She is the hardest working teaacher I know, anad I know every single one of them everywhere, honestly. We are both catching a bug anad she still is amazing....

Anonymous said...

Here's a little saying for you when things get too crazy. "You can always turn the nickel over".

On the plus side you'll have a bit more time now that those feable Broncos have been ousted from the play-offs.

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Mom said...

Meggie,you're managing a lot right now, so just realize all you can do is your best each day----The balance between working hard and maintaining your sense of humor and perspective is a life-long challenge, but one that I know you'll learn to master. I'm so proud of your energy and all your talents! Take good care, and remember to "Be still and know that I am God...." Love you lots!