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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The kids...

This weekend we had the pleasure of dog-sitting our friend's LARGE chocolates lab Jake. He and Layla are buddies and love to chase each other around furniture and lick each other's face until their tongues go numb. We had him Thursday night to Sunday afternoon. We went on a long walk around our new home in Stapleton late Friday afternoon and the next day we rompted around in the dog park. Jake stayed the night on Saturday night and I even caught them sharing Layla's bone. Poor Jack-the-Cat was exiled to the loft were he reigned as King all weekend. Its not too bad as he stays up there most of the time we are gone at work. Jake's brute strength was something Jack didn't want to take a chance on. Its a good bet too because he is a strong dog. Hope everyone is doing well, and remember, we are still taking applications to help us move...

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sa said...

Hi love-
Sorry haven't written, my purse was stolen!! agh anyway its been retrieved, no credit cards left or debit cards but got the phone back. Kids are cute as usual! :) Talk about God holding out for you with the house! Amazing- see He's got it planned in his timing!! love you both!