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Sunday, March 12, 2006

This Is The One....Hopefully....

Yesterday, after a long day of searching, we found what will hopefully be OUR FIRST HOME! WOO HOO! It is in a really cool area called Stapleton. Stapleton used to be home to the Denver Airport. After a ton of revitalization work to the land, a community has been developed fully equipped with shops, restaurants and a "downtown" feeling without being right downtown. It's great!

The house that we put an offer on is called a Carriage Home and is designed after what many European homes look like: two floors, one family on top floor, one family on bottom floor, each with their own entrance and garage. Think duplex but vertical. :) Anyway, it is really cute AND is BRAND NEW! We are pumped! The house has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a huge living space that flows between the living room, dining area and kitchen.

We went back today to take some pictures. The house has been decorated because it was the model and unfortunately, the only thing we will get to keep is the Picasso print that the sales agent tossed into the deal (thanks to Chris!). If all goes well and our offer is accepted on Monday, we will be closing by the end of the month!

Enjoy the pictures....and hopefully they will be filled with visitors soon! :)


Mom said...

Meg and Chris.....this is WAY cool! I'm proud of you for making such a great choice, and Brian and I will be waiting to hear what happens next. It's beautiful!
Love you,

Andrea said...

Woo Hoo!!! I LOVE it. Great pics-best of luck with making it all yours! :) Keep us posted.
Love, Andrea

Anonymous said...

yippity yip. i like it!

L K Dizzle said...

very cute and open main floor! can't wait to see it in PERSON!

KKKATIE said...

Can't be more pleased for you both.
Move in ready is such a nice phrase........even blinds!

Wonder which way it faces......

Found site easily to"READ ALL ABOUT IT"


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