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Friday, April 21, 2006

Not Quite Fallen Off The Face of the Earth

Whoa! April 3rd? What have we been thinking?!?!? It has been far too long since our last update!

Life in the mile high D-town has been quite crazy since our last post. We were so lucky to have visitors for two weekends in a row (Mom and then my best friend, Kate) and then it was Easter! It is hard to believe that three weeks can fly by so quickly! We have slowly been making the transition into our new place. Since we had an entire month to move out of the apartment, we have taken our sweet time with getting all the "unneccesaries" over to our house. Now that we have just about a week left, we seem to be scrambling. So what are we doing about it?? Going to Breckenridge for the weekend! It is the last weekend that all the major resorts are open, so Chris and Matt are going to get two final days of the slopes in while Stacy and I relax in the coffee shops and go to a concert. After the move, being on the interview committee at school, driving back and forth to the new job site in Loveland (Chris) and learning how to deal with all the crazy pregnancy hormones (BOTH of us), we are in DEFINITE need of a mini-vacation. :)

Chris's job has been going really well. He is just now getting started at a new job site about an hour north of Denver. It is a pretty large project and he seems excited to be a part of it. He was just reminded this week that he will have his annual review in a few weeks. Annual review! It is so hard to believe that we have lived her for nearly a year already! Time has flown!

On the school front, my job has been keeping me incredibly busy. Besides the fact that my students have discovered their hormones with the arrival of spring, my principal also asked me to be part of the interview committee for next year's hires. It has been quite the experience! It has definitely taught me a lot about what it takes to be a good teacher. We only have 6 weeks left of the school year... or 30 days if you are a teacher and have the counting down to a science. ;)

On pregnancy: The pregnancy is continuing to go well. Chris and I will go for my 12-week check up/ultrasound on Tuesday. We will get to hear the heartbeat for the first time, which we are both really excited about! Physically, I have been challenged a bit with morning sickness and fatigue, but it is definitely waning as I am nearing the second trimester. Bring on that "babymoon"!

Pictures: Our camera is still not up to par, but we got a lovely surprise from my dad and step-mom...they are sending us a new one! We are so excited and will take TONS of picture of the new place and my not-so-flat-tummy as soon as it arrives.

More soon.
Lots of Love.
Go Nuggets.
Go Avalanche.


Anonymous said...

How great to have an update. Enjoy your mini-vacation and keep us up to date on that big ultrasound. We are happy for you. Already a year? I bet there are those who can feel that it is. We love you/
Aunt Connie

Anonymous said...

Meg and Chris -

Good to hear from you! Thanks for the words of encouragement - I definately needed them - and the gold digger story too! :) Hope all is well! M you, L you, etc.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back !

I have missed your updates so much.
All is good and I can imagine how exciting it will be to hear baby sounds tomorrow.

We did our Doctoring today and Clint's arm will take long time to 'skin" over but no infection. Love to all 3 of you

Mom said...

So glad you had a fun weekend.....Let us know if the baby is making any cute faces and mugging for the ultrasound camera, okay? How soon till s/he starts to sing? Love to you both,