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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

There's A Hole In My Wallet

Well, I have offically outgrown all of my "regular" clothes. As a result, a serious shopping trip was in order. The weekend started with a glorious surprise from Chris: A prenatal massage!! It was fabulous! It was his treat to me while he left early for his trip to Breckenridge. An hour of pure delight and relaxation! I am completely ready to handle being pregnant now. :) After, I met up with my friend Stacey and we headed to the mall where she helped me to dive into wild world of maternity clothes. We spent hours in Old Navy Maternity and GAP Maternity spending way too much money, having way too much fun and creating an entire wardrobe that I could finally be comfortable and expand in. It was GREAT!! The thing I was most proud of was that I only bought 2 things that WEREN'T on sale! I got a TON of stuff for a great deal.

When Stacey and I had sufficiently done enough damage in the stores, we hit the highway and headed west to Breckenridge to meet our hubbies and friend. It ended up being a great weekend. We went to an outdoor concert and heard two great, unique bands and then spent the evening enjoying food, laughter and Breckenridge's original brews (not me, of course). Sunday brought one final day of skiing for the boys and a day of putzing around the house for me. It really was a great weekend.

Our new camera from Dad and Rose arrived today! Woo hoo! It is charging in the docking station as we speak, so pictures of our place will be up soon!!!

In other news, my end-of-first-trimester-checkup was cancelled on Tuesday because my OB unexpectedly took a leave of absence and did not indicate when he will be returning! Yikes! As a result, I had to switch doctors and have my appointment moved to next Monday. Oh well, it just means we'll get an even better picture of the baby! :)

More soon.

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Anonymous said...

What a busy life you lead!

I am pleased you found friends so quickly and have good times with them. Being new and lonely is the pits.

Shopping for relaxed clothes is needed since teaching will require more than the housecoats of my time.

The top you are wearing will work a long of all was your happy smile

hugs, GG